Offering power levelling

Currently offering levelling while running through the slaughter shaft, message me on Xbox: the lemonader

If interested

add me:


Are you still offering?
GT is Chrisisadragonn

I will be on later currently at work but yeah man no problem

thank you!! Just message me when you’re available, you’re awesome. :slight_smile:

Signing on now

sorry, missed out last night, will try again another time.

Yeah, can do this as well look me up up on xbox sgtr0ck117 will power level running through Slaughter shaft, great if you need a mule to carry excess legendary loot, will also use the cheddar nade mode so you get heaps of cash to by SDU upgrades for the backpack and vault space if you need it. (In AUS if any Aussie players are looking for power level)

Do i need to do anything or just afk? Need some mules upgraded

no, cant afk as you have to enter the arena after each round, obviously you wont last long and spend a lot of time in the waiting area outside the arena behind closed doors, but you will continually get xp/ cash and guardian points while in the waiting area. Usually leave my game open if people want to join

added you, maybe we could meet up next time you have a run

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I’m Canberra and start playing from 8:30 to 9:30 each night fora few hours, if the time zone matches I just got my 2nd character to 50 and want to fine tune his build for mobbing, want to team up to power level others? Will boost our drops and their xp too.

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probably on tonight for a few hours after work, around 7.30pm?

np having multiple people in the lobby :slight_smile:

I dont think I will be on, looks like that is 1:30am my time lol didnt realize it was such a time diff

np, thats why I put im in AUS so people have an idea what the time difference will be :slight_smile:

np, more the merrier, have about 7 mules full of legos currently, had a good run with annointed week (mostly gear for FL4K) so need to boost a few more mules myself lol, we can help each other out :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a good plan, my main is Flak but I’m working on a mobbing Zane who just hit 50 so slaughter is best way to experiment and hopefully get some decent gear too :slight_smile:

got a buddy and i that would like to tag along

GT: Unguiding

add me ill be on after work 11:00 PM EST or so were level 28/30

I will be able to at that time, just message me when you’re on