Offering Powerleveling LF Anointed Gear

Finished a character and not feeling the struggle of leveling a new char from scratch? Having trouble getting through the campaign and could use a few levels to get ahead? I am happy to help out, I run Circle of Slaughter constantly and more people means more mobs and I desire to push my build into harder and harder content as everything solo is a joke.

Payment is simple, got something worth my time then i’m interested. Anointed gear such as brainstormers or shields even good class mods etc are all worth a look. What do you get? I’ll power level your character very quickly and with zero hassle. Just remember attitude is everything.

Alternatively, I will also help out any struggling ‘newbie’ with levels as I run slaughters constantly. If you want to run them too the more the better as 4 man slaughters are the best fun at the moment. Feel free to add me on Epic … Rolandthebandit

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Im looking to level up all the hunters. Got alot of Siren annointed gear (main) but i do have other annointed and character specific gear as well.

Would love to take you up on this. I made a post this morning detailing what I have for trade.

Xeros and dabber2 … Not a drama at all happy to smash out the levels for ya’s, add me on Epic launcher … Rolandthebandit and I’m sure we can figure something out. I live in Australia so depending on timezones etc I’m sure we will catch each other at some point.

I have a few characters i would like to power level. what kinda gear are you looking for?