Offering Spiritual Driver

got 2

  1. +2 +1 +2 clarity, helping hands, mindfullness
    10% hyperion wp dmg
    31% smg dmg
    24% wp mag size

  2. +2 +1 +2 clarity, helping hands, mindfullness
    31% action skill cd
    36% shield recharge
    55% torgue wp projectile speed

looking for annointed brainstormer ASE bonus elemental dmg,
Transformer ASE bonus Shock/corrosive or terror ammo regen,
Cutsman corrosive annointed ASE bonus elemental dmg.

and still looking for a good shock homing mirv shotgun, explode on impact

I’ve got a cutsman corrosive anointed with 300% after phaseslam if you’re interested

I have a terror ammo gen transformer (have a corrosive one on ASE as well, but not sure if I am ready to trade that one out). Not looking for the drivers though. I am looking for a fire and a corrosive crossroads with 100% damage on ASE (additional elemental damage for mags would be cool too, if they were matching elements)