Offering up some stuff for trade/giveaway!

I’m a hoarder(thanks 4 years of Diablo 2), but some of the stuff I’ve picked up I know I myself am not going to need for my builds and loadouts, so, I’m offering this up, even if you have nothing to trade I’d want you’ll still probably get it, though first come first serve overall! So here’s the following, I’ll probably just offer stuff in groups over the next few days:

Brawler Ward with ASE 50% cryo level 53
Improved Re-Router with ASE 50% Shock level 53
Front Loader with ASE Radiation 50% level 53
Surge grenade ASE 50% Shock level 53
Ice Breaker Loaded Dice level 53 pistol damage/cryo res/FFYL duration
Transformer level 50 with 3% health regen while Digi-Clone is active
Any of these of interest, respond here or message me at EricsonX on PSN with which one you’re interested in!

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If you still have it I’m intersted by the Brawler Ward.

Whats your PSN?