Official Aurelia Skill Calculator is up

nb make sure flash is turned on


Cryo Snider is going to be amazing with Aurelia…

The Huntress tree is a little confusing to me. There are many skills where you get rewarded for missing your shot? Why? There is a skill that increases power but reduces your capacity size, then there is a skill that increases both.

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Warning Shot is probably there in case you miss while specced into I Never Miss so it won’t be a complete loss if you miss a shot. Not really feeling Wait For It but at 5/5 and 10 stacks that’s +75% damage on your next shot which might be good on raids I guess?

Also confused on the final magazine size when specced into Only The Best & Large Caliber. Guess we’ll have to just wait and see.

Se we can’t be a master and a servant with two Aurelias?

Can you contract mobs just as claptrap can high five enemies?

Looking forward to playing this Lady. Not interested in master/servant stuff, but love the idea of a character optimized for shooting & sniping.

or you could just hit 10 shots, which is better than a 75% damage bonus on one shot.

Yeah definitely, I was just seeing if I could make sense of those skills.

The red tree looks kinda … not good.

  • 8 out of 13 of the skills don’t work outside of co-op
  • 9 of the skills are boring % stat boosts
  • The bonuses don’t seem that potent for how much effort goes into getting them

It might play out much better in game, but on paper it sounds pretty bleh.

When playing around with the calculator, I found out that I can’t seem to spec into Backhand to Remember. I can’t put a point into it at all. Has this happened to anyone else?

Same here.

I like her green and blue trees so far since I love sniping and cryo. I wonder how the Plunket will perform on Aurelia. A Snider definitely has top gear potential. But she seems to have bonuses for nearly all kinds of sniper rifles. I’m just a little disappointed by the lack of a sniper ammo regeneration. Maybe there is class mod which offers something like that.

Completely agree. It is a shame her red tree is practically a co-op only tree. There are a couple of skills that would work in single player, but you still have to spend skill points in skills that only work in co-op, which is a shame. However, I am happy with the skills in the green and blue trees. They have definitely reworked some skills and are now much more useful or easier to use. Overall, I’m pretty happy with her.

I Never Miss is going to end up the most abused, broken bossfight OP skill in the game. I don’t know how yet, but I guarantee someone will find a way.

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Now I really miss my good ol’ Cobra. This thing would be a beast on Aurelia.

…and the inofficial skill calculator is up to date now:

Couple of things with the fan calculator:

I Never Miss: for some reason, at 3/5, the bonus crit damage per stack is +2.09999999999…% instead of just +2.1%.
Wait for It: according to the official calculator, the maximum number of stacks for this skill is now 10 stacks, not 999 stacks.
Avalanche: 3/5 is +0.449999…%, not +0.45%
Short Summer: 3/5 has buggy values also.
Keep your Chin Up: 3/5 has buggy values.

Only The Best could have good benefits for Too Scoops (and obviously Torgue weapons). Faster bullet speed = longer range. Pair that up with Valet for even more low-cost benefits. She can stand back, strip shields (stormfront), freeze baddies, and snipe them in co-op play.

Looks really easy to stack and if you’re careful, easy to not lose them. Doesn’t look like death will lose your stacks. Saving and quitting or missing appears to be the only way to lose stacks.