OFFICIAL - Battleborn to Run at 60 FPS on Regular PS4's Soon


I play on 144FPS :slight_smile:



I was just about to post it too, to be sure everyone sees it.

Actual quote right here

Ok plays pretty fine right now.

I imagine it will come to xbox sometime soon. The current consoles are capable of playing more graphically intense games at 49-51 fps at peak demand. With the game capped at 30 currently it makes it really stable.

A slight bit of lag probably isn’t even ■■■■ to people with 144.

I only have a 60Hz monitor ;(

But performance improvements are excellent news. Hopefully it’ll make the framerate more stable, I can reach 200+ FPS but I won’t even bother upgrading my screen for a game that likes to tank to below 10.

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Haha… I’ll take a SOMEWHAT healthy playerbase over 100+ FPS everytime.


Except performance problems are a big contributor on whether or not people will play. Especially on PC. Even games that are bound to do well otherwise will get absolutely shat on if their performance is bad.

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God damn PC master race, you win this round.


I’ve typically found that gamers who go console over PC typically do so for one to three reasons:

  1. They’re friends have said console (usually the case with younger gamers)

  2. They have no f**king clue how to “build” a PC.

  3. They want the exclusive games on said console, and can’t afford, or simply don’t want, both.

I’ve also found that the majority of gamers that i know personally went PC for better graphics/FPS/etc., and that the ones who didn’t really care how good the games look went console.

Finally, you make it sound as though Battleborn is plagued by “performance issues” on PS4, which i haven’t found to be the case. I mean… Our Aussie friends are suffering, but only because of the servers.


Haven’t said anything about PS4, just commented on the overall performance improvements promised - which also makes 60FPS on OGPS4 possible, I’d wager.
The game is riddled with performance issues on PC though, especially for AMD machines.

Don’t know why you directed that “why do people go console” talk to me though. I play on both PC and Console. But didn’t even say anything about that.

100% clueless about that here.

Bloodborne, enough said.


Yeah, reason 2 is mostly me as well, haha…

Also, Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us 2.

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Don’t particularly care for the Uncharted series. And when I played The Last of Us my game kept crashing 20 minutes in and I couldn’t progress at all.

My bad, i thought “Except performance problems are a big contributor on whether or not people will play” was a discreet way of saying “if your not on PC, you’re doing it wrong”.

I see this smug, arrogant, and condescending bulls**t so much on numerous forums, that i guess i just assume that every PC user feels the need to do it somehow. I mean, it’s like “we all know you’re better, guys; but there IS such a thing as modesty.”

Anyways, sorry for misinterpreting your point.


I hear you. I never understood why people like certain game franchises either (sports games, for me. Just… Go outside and play them, you know? Haha!), but “different strokes for different folks”, i guess.

30FPS on console doesn’t mark the “performance problems” checkbox for me as long as it’s a stable 30. High FPS is not the reason to get a console, even when it can do that. It’s that authentic console experience you go for. Even if next gen consoles are losing that charm a little bit.

(The lack of Spyro is probably the reason. Yeah definitely the reason. We need more Spyro.)

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Oh, my GOD; I’d beat someone to death with a piece of wet wool for more Spyro! You might say that’s impossible, but love will find a way…

Oh, and yes, they’re losing their charm BIG TIME; i’ll probably go PC “next gen”.