Official Borderlands discord server

Yo, so back in February i was screwing around with some guys on discord and they dared me to say something stupid in the lobby of the borderlands discord server. I got ip banned shortly after and haven’t played much bl3 since then. I recently got back into bl3 and the link that the me6 bot gave me for an appeal isnt working. I’d honestly just like to get back into playing the game and using that server. Yeah I made a stupid decision but I hardly think saying something stupid permits a full ban. How do i go about being unbanned if i can’t get a hold of the moderators or the so called “mailbox” the bot told me to use? Sorry in advance, just looking for help.

I suggest you ask via the GBX support site. Make sure you use ‘Other’ for the game and game issue - if you choose BL3 it’ll probably end up going to 2K support, who won’t be able to help with Discord server issues.

Note: I am not altogether clear if GBX actually runs the ‘official Discord’ or not; hopefully someone at GBX support will be able to point you in the right direction though.

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