Official Cinematic launch trailer, VIP, and my OCD

913 points. I understand how GB likes to goof around with stuff sometimes. I don’t blame them, but oh dear gods. Not having things divide up evenly and the fact that I’m probably always going to have those extra 13 points is… it’s legitimately kinda painful. I get the joke. Haha, the game was released on the 13th, but…ehhh.

Am I the only one feelin’ this?

Oh, also, there was a trailer… that happened and I guess we should talk about it?


Nope, that was my first thought too. Unless they plan to offer reward for the low low price of 13 points in the future (make it happen, GBX!). May be a special VIP gun trinket (these are useless anyway, right?).

Or they could’ve given us 91300 points instead :slight_smile:


2nd thought I had when I saw those points was “Oh god, am I stuck with 13 points forever more now?” lol glad to know I’m not alone.

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Yeah, that is really bad for people with OCPD.

Didn’t redeem it yet. I might skip just so I don’t end up with the 13 points. :laughing: (Or 63 in my case right now.)
Dunno. Maybe they’ll award 87 points on release day! :thinking:

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Nope just 87 points to the 87th person to beat the game while linked to their shift account… >.>

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there will be a side mission in BL3 called 87. You can earn 87 points through that, the only thing you have to do is finish the game 87 times in TVHM. :smiling_imp:

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Or we get 87 points on 8/7/2020

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