Official Confirmation that there will be local Splitscreen?

Howdy Battleborn :wink: , I am really excited for Battleborn and can`t wait to play it, but can anyone give me an official confirmation or source that there will be local Splitscreen? Thanks for helping out you all! :smile:

Consoles = Yes , 2 players
PC = No

Online = up to 5 player story mode or 5 vs 5 multiplayer


Shame it isn’t 4 player split screen. with the fact they introduced it into the handsome collection i really thought it would be in Battleborn :pensive:

4 player splitscreen was kinda a marketing gimmick i think.
Borderlands was build with more performance restrictions, so it could run on a Xbox 360 for example.
Xbox One is +/- 8 times the power of a Xbox 360.
So $ player splitscreen was something fun they could do. It made sense for the franchise, but it also creates a unique selling point so it would get some buzz / headers on (game)sites.

Randy Pitchford stated that Battleborn has ‘4 times’ the fidelity as Borderlands, so that asks more performance from the consoles. Draining resources for 4 player but it’s capable to do 2 player splitscreen (but at what costs, maybe frame rate, maybe lighting/shaders).

But then i ask you @Jax_Rift why have 4 player splitscreen if you have 5 player modes?
Are you also asking for a companion app so it can run Battleborn on a tabled creating a fived player! :wink:


Handsome Collection was last gen games, with improved graphics running on much more powerful hardware.

BattleBorn is built from the ground up to make use of the hardware, and 4 player splitscreen is likely very low on the priority list of stuff to put in the game.

I wonder if it will splitscreen online?

So me and a friend using same console can play with 3 other people across the internet. Borderlands 2/TPS did it, but it really strains less-than-great internet connections.

Yes, split-screen players can play online.



I have a follow up question.
I’m not up2date on the Xbox One & PS4 online services. I know that with some xbox 360 games you could bring a guest along for the ride online and other games required that both players had an xbox live gold account.

(YES YES i know i need to upgrade. BLTPS, a few Nintendo games and my website kept me busy)

Ok, that is pretty cool

That’s something that we hope to do and are investigating.


oh no… lol

I only have 3 friends i play Borderlands with :wink: ahaha

fixed. jk, couldnt resist.

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Please use the search function liberally.

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Trying to make a nice comment about “this thread already exists, please don’t make another.”

Either that or “don’t necro threads.” :smiley:

Except that this thread is months old. It IS the original thread.

Yeah, it was a pretty pointless necro.

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Actually, Poisnedbite made a joke at Jax_Rift’s expense, which is why the thread was resurrected. It appears reincarN8ed didn’t bother reading what he said and automatically assumed he was asking about local splitscreen. So not only was his comment rude, it wasn’t even relevant to the post above his.

And the flag system exists to deal with things like this, so you don’t have to.

to be fair, i didnt notice the date.

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Yes, it will have 2 player Splitscreen, unlike Halo 5.
Let’s hope that they keep up not being Halo 5 by not having Microtransactions. lol