Official Drop list in Battleborn

So I have read on Battleborn Wikia, that Legendary Items in Battleborn don’t just drop on any map, but rather the map/the mod/the difficulty and maybe some other factors also affect which legendary Item drops where…

  • I could not however find an official drop-list that would tell us exactly where to “farm” if you desperately want to farm out a certain Legendary item… :frowning:
  • Doing a mission already takes about one hour+++ so farming the incorrect maps over and over again for hours not knowing where to go exactly for an item is rather unsettling… :frowning:

You can use lowlidev to find out how to get certain gear and what maps they come from along with whether you need to be on Advanced to get it.

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Yup, definitely use lowlidev, the wiki has ads on top of ads.

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Use the gear search app for current stats, use this outdated but still locationally accurate map for hunting

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Wow, thanks for the help guys.:slight_smile:
That’s an amazing list.:smiley:


The lowlidev thing has really neat features. For the wiki, there are ways to avoid the ads (as long as you’re using a desktop browser, anyway.)

To OP: check the forum post by the lowlidev developer for more details. It’s a cool tool.

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Welcome newcomer (or is it welcome back?)!
There is also now a rewards page for Legendary Boss drops where you can track what items you have obtained plus lots of other resources that have been put together over these past 6 months help players get the most out of the game.

There’s also some really great discussions and guides on this here forum and the Unofficial Discord about different loadouts and/or specific gear for characters etc so if you ever want to know if “x” is any good, just ask one of the regulars :wink:

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