Official forum Responses?

Just a question, not a rant

Can I ask, if this is an official GB forum why we never seem to get any black and white clarification on questions?

I’m not referring to the emotive subjects, or opinion-based subjects, but simple things such as At the moment i cant seem to get any of the mobs with a dedicated drop ( skrakk , chomp stomp etc) to drop their dedicated drops, even after 200 runs across all levs from TVHM to M4.

So as an example, if someone posts a query on this kind of black and white thing asking if they are bugged at the moment, Why do we not get a simple quick reply “yes they are bugged to be resolved” or “Nope they are fine your just unlucky, crack on” ?

is that unreasonable, even if it comes from a moderator after they check in with GB for the answer at least we would all know

Just a question, what do you think ?


I think expecting an official answer to every petty perceived problem is a bit much. It’s nice to have something approaching that level of communication, mind. But I’ve only seen something consistently like it back on the City of Heroes boards…

I agree fully when the subject only effects a small percentage of players, but anything that effects the majority or all players deserves 20 seconds to respond to a moderators question or directly to the forum

Maybe because they are doesn’t know by themselves if this is a bug or just bad luck :slight_smile:
To find a root cause they need to do some testing, assuming amount of testing they need to do for already known bugs it’s near impossible to put attention to every post in the community, IMHO

Until you have a significant and well-documented sample size, ‘RNGesus hates me’ is just a fart in the wind. I’ve seen rumblings from a couple of sources potentially compiling such evidence, however. Perhaps if the crazy spreadsheeters (whose ridiculous patience and attention to detail are frequently a boon to gaming communities) put together enough evidence and make enough noise we’ll hear something.