Official Gearbox Balance Testing Mod Update - August, 28

Update: 28 Aug @ 10:55pm

Reworded the “Allow Battle Cruisers” option

RU rebalance for:


  • This brings these maps up closer to HW2 values to help all races be viable when playing these levels

Corvette Drive research cost is now 800
Corvette Chassis research cost is now 900

  • No actual change in total RU cost

Reduced weapon damage on HW1 capital defense guns against fighters

  • They don’t have modules to protect and nearby collectors were overly protected from fighters

Reduced HW1 Assault Frigate accuracy and damage against corvettes

  • On both their guns and assault bomb

Pulsar Corvette accuracy vs frigate nudged upwards

Vaygr Assault Craft damage against frigates increased

Vaygr Laser Corvette accuracy against frigates improved

Kushan/Taiidan Assault Frigates toned down against corvettes

Taiidan Field Frigate values implemented

  • More closely follows their original anti-swarm roles
  • New MagneticField penetration values set on appropriate ships
    -Taiidan DefenseFighter field also updated

Vaygr Utility upgrade now works as intented

  • Fixed tag mismatch that was causing this to fail

Shipyard speed nudged upwards

Shipyard Hyperspace costs reduced

Shipyard Capital Ship Production Module health now matches Mothership/Carrier

Vaygr ECM Probe build time set to 20 seconds as intended

HW2 Battlecruiers have more health but less damage

All Destroyers received a health bump


The damage of the BC has been reduced further?

The reduction still pretty low, something like 20% to 30% from the original.