Official Homeworld Balance Mod

Hi Brian,
Can you clarify here (or @Scole):

I’m guessing AI can’t issue a repair command.

Can we please have a multiplayer option in the mod manager? Pretty please, @BitVenom? :smiley: Doing -mpbeta every time, other than being a quality of life issue that isn’t too important, it can be very confusing to newer players.


@Pouk, the DPS displayed in game is a poor calculation of actual DPS. If you test those two ships against each other, they will come out even.

[quote=“Migz_DH, post:19, topic:552219, full:true”]I think it would be easier for some players to understand if

“Disallow Cruisers - Enable/Disable”

were written and set like this

“Allow Cruisers - Enable/Disable” with it enabled by default.[/quote]
Disallow Cruisers - Yes/No would work too, and it would keep the theme of “Disabled/No” for most of the lower options in a typical game. This is a feature that hopefully wont be needed with the new balance.

@douglaswilliamb Ya, -mpbeta should probably be enabled all the time. Kinda silly to hide multiplayer just because your running a mod.


The first rule of Balance Club is that the listed in-game DPS calculation is overly simple (which is kind of ok because to do it correctly would require a table vs targets). It is literally something like: 60 / FireTime * shotsfired * weaponddamage /60

(ignore my sloppy order of operations there, please)

You’re right, that wasn’t written well at all, thanks. Fixing that.

Pouk is right, the AI has a decent enough idea of what to build but what to do with those ships is crazy primitive. I have support frigates/repair corvettes more or less disabled for the AI to build because it doesn’t know how to utilize them and there is no sense in wasting unit caps on sending support frigates off to die.

We discussed this today and discovered that we all have -mpbeta set in the launch options so it’s easy to forget.

Also, I need to write some lua that lowers health on capital ships and I’ll enable your strikecraft only gametype.

This is actually the best option because “yes” and “no” are already localized across all supported languages so I should have always done that.

addMagneticField(NewShipType,<fieldname>, <radius>, <missile block percent>, <missile blocked effect>, <bullet block percent>, <bullet blocked effect>, <instant block percent>, <instant block effect>, <field effect>)

Just noticed that the forum formatting ate the MagneticField example, this is what it is supposed to look like.

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Great, great work guys; very high marks; playing HW1 races feels SO MUCH better! There were a couple of oddities; Light Corvettes were broken against fighters (they sort of seemed to follow them around in an attempt to take up some very particular firing position or something) and Hiigaran shipyards seemed to be missing their death effects (which might be some other random malfunction and not the fault of the mod, IDK). But man, this is definitely a huge improvement.

I love the idea of a Dev made mod, definatly going to have play the remaster again. I don’t think I’ve actual played the game since the release, too busy testing to play. :smile:

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They are not broken, the attack pattern were changed to make them more balanced versus fighters.

Just started a game on crimson bond. Expert AI for Kushan and Hiigaran. Set on either “dynamic” or “normal”, these two races went absolutely insane building refineries. Kushan had about 11 controllers just sitting around, while the Hiigarans had at least 20. TWENTY!!!

Only obvious issue so far, everything else is working great! :smile:

[quote=“Kadeshi, post:29, topic:552219”]
They are not broken, the attack pattern were changed to make them more balanced versus fighters.
[/quote]I can only say that when I was watching them, they were totally broken. They were trying so hard to properly position themselves that they would not fire even a single shot. I cannot believe that that is the balance which was intended. This was only with Light Corvettes; I can’t confirm Heavy Corvette behavior but I do remember Multies being their old classic fighter-massacring selves.

EDIT: Alright, after further playtesting, they will occasionally fire at fighters; they do seem to have some erratic flight patterns, but it’s not as serious as it first appeared, I admit.

I… I… I… has nervous breakdown

Can confirm, it’s amazing as you think.


squeels like a little girl

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looks like thaidan OP with this mod . That defence field frigs is something brutal , no1 bc or hc cant shoot through that field, main cannon is totally useless. only mass lazer vettes can do something but 1 graviwell & good bye vagg .

@maddie Ya Taii DFF is getting worked on. Ratamaq noticed that problem yesterday. Keep reporting any other problems you see!

Thanks for both notices, @thisquietreverie! :smiley:

Hmm. From the games I’ve played is that everything above AND below frigates is useless. So you just spam frigates and you automatically win? Destroyers are useless, they get ■■■■■ by 4 ion frigates. The whole purpose of destroyers is killing frigates. Building a BC to kill frigates is no longer an option as well because it dies so fast and costs soooo much and takes even longer to build.

At least for a HW1 race, 4 ion frigates represent twice the RU investment(not counting research times and costs) as a destroyer, getting close to the cost of a cruiser. Even if destroyers are supposed to counter frigates, ions seem intended to counter capital ships, so that matchup seems like it should go to the way of the larger investment to me.

Though in my limited playing things do seem to end pretty fast if anyone’s being remotely agressive. Maybe the testers could share some of their experiences with longer games, if they have them?

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