Official I still don't know who I'll play first thread!

At first I was like Zane all the way! Then Moze care bear fever started to kick in. Then the elemental siren song of Amara started playing…

Analysis Paralysis, argghhhh!

Sounds like you’ll play Fl4k first.

LOL, nope! I have 3 pets already - last thing I want to do is game with one!

Don’t try to make my decision harder!!! :slight_smile:

In that case go with Amara since both Moze and Zane have pseudo-pets

I am also leaning towards Amara no matter who I choose, she has some of the best animations.

I am still tossed up between Zane and FL4K I LOVE Gaige, I wanted Moze but I do like Zanes Drone and Hologram.

TL;DR: Probably Amara or FL4K.

Had this debate with myself. I’m still somewhat on the fence and will probably finalize my choice when I see the opening cinematic. I know I’m not playing Moze first since I only like one of her skill trees and I find her kinda bland. Though IDK much about her compared to the others since her video was her talking about her mech and not really herself so I’m kinda bias. Might end up (and probably will) really enjoy playing as her.

Zane looks like a ton of fun to play, but I think I’m going to want to have some equipment I can send him at various levels to make the most of his kit. Amara looks like a ton of fun with her elemental mayhem and seemingly more fast-paced style. FL4K looks like they’ll be enjoyable for a first run considering the pet and their buffing kit.

Also, Amara and FL4K have voices I like more than the other two and if I’mma be listening to heavy breathing most of the time I want it to be from a voice I enjoy. Amara has an aesthetic closer to my own and that I find incredibly appealing so I’m leaning towards her.

We shall see… we shall see…

All 4 sound great to me and all 4 are appealing. There is just no clear winner or loser this time imo. I want to play them all first, so I will just not decide at all and instead roll a dice.

1 & 2 = Reroll
3 = Amara
4 = Fl4k
5 = Moze
6 = Zane

The people at Gearbox really have outdone themselves this time, brilliant little bastards.

My fate will be decided in around 18 hours, when I get to install Borderlands 3.

So torn between Fl4k and Zane

I love Moze’s trees, but I’m not into her action skill and would likely only use it for temp damage mitigation as a necessity

Zane looks like he would best support my preferred, aggressive play style, but I think I would struggle with him leveling in TVHM and above. He may be best second after the board geniuses figure out his damage mechanics, and another toon has accumulated some guardian rank and gear to pass down to make the initial leveling process a bit easier

Amara looks rad, but just not feeling her yet. Also supports a very aggressive playstyle, so there is that

Fl4k has a lot of damage and flexibility across the trees. Super interesting structure, although seemingly not quite as dynamic as Zane.

The game has pre-loaded though. I suppose I only have one more sleepless night of contemplating this to go, well that is unless I sneak down to my office after my wife goes to bed for a lil head start once the game goes live tonight (thank you west coast time zone)

Playing Moze solo, but when my friend goes online I’ll play Amara.

Just flip a coin and don’t second guess yourself to death

Hah. Well, harder to do this time around. I realize I instinctively assigned D&D classes to all of them and my mind is hopping between the classes I’d play.

We have a fighter, a barbarian, a ranger, and a rogue. Fun times.

Got off earlier this day and did said dice roll. It came up a 4. Fl4k it is then!

SO… I played the first section ( only to level 2) with Zane and Moze.
Today gonna try out FL4K.
I know I won’t find Gaige clone but I like the aid since I play solo 80% of the time - but with Instanced COOP, I may play coop more -
So far Zane is pretty cool, I kinda dig the drone and the shield looks like it can help regen and help in coop also.

Plus being grey with a mohawk after my cancer I can dig ith that too. lol

MOZE… she is cool and the bear is cool not sure if I dig getting into the tank though, (although I do love explosives lol) the cooldown is a little long and I did not see any regen skills in her trees