Official lore change statement?

Has gearbox confirmed or has even taken into consideration fixing the pvp lore for some characters? Or is it just speculation and hopeful wishing

From the last Battleplan. That is, to my knowledge, the most recent comment on the situation.

hopeful wishing for the most part but theres a huge out cry for a change so i would imagen gbx has something planned for it

I sure hope so. I don’t see any Ambras online unless I’m playing her and having 2 characters take her out 25 times each.

Well, it’s more than hopeful wishing at this point. The fact that they commented on it means that they realize the demand and are determining options. We just don’t know what the exact change will be, and probably won’t until they address it on a future Battleplan.

There was a comment on some Reddit that implied they wanted to reduce the number of kills for the “Kill Ambra/Oscar Mike” challenges, but that would just be a hotfix solution, and I think if they were sticking with just that answer, there wouldn’t have been a further comment in the last Battleplan.

There are other lore challenges, I.E. toby’s get ten double kills with his ultimate, that are almost impossible to achieve, not because of the number of times you have to do it, but because his ultimate is nigh worthless. They could ask me to do one double kill, but it isn’t happening. fast characters that it can kill can just walk away from it, and big characters can just absorb it, and both can utterly destroy you in seconds and you can’t even cancel the self silence/slow of the ultimate, or the ultimate itself.

IN a case like toby, you A: need to buff the ult, and B: change the lore challenge.

I love this game but I’m literally avoiding playing certain characters because of the lore. I really don’t wanna support breaking team play for kills. Toby also.

The problem has NOTHING to do with it being grindy. I actually like to grind, to an extent, mastered 7 characters so far and still going, tons of time in pve to farm for the legendaries, lots of time in pvp as well. 160 hours in total play time.

The issue isn’t “the grind” the issue is some characters have a complete random chance to run into 1/26 characters, or some other lore challenges are just to hard (IE, Toby’s double kill 10 times with ult). What frustrates me more is that there are characters whos lore can be done way easier. Take Orendi, I got 4/5 of her lore in exactly 3 games, the last one required 10 games to be played, but even still, that is super easy and it could all be done in PVE.


no it dosnt lol it has nothing to do with grinding have you seen some of the pve ones no one complains about those and no they arnt fine theres a million boards giveing a million reasons as to why so im not gonna beat the dead horse but think of it this way people are willing to grind the same mission 30 times for a chance at a certain legendary yeah i really dont think grinding is why every one hates these and if they wernt a problem gear box wouldnt address them

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I really hope they fix some of these. I really want Kleese’s lore challenge but its never going to happen because of the bizarre aversion people have to Echelon.

Ditto on Attikus.

How are they not an issue? I’ve gone 40+ games and the only Ambra I saw in there was when I chose her. Not to mention You need to kill her 25 times with 2 different characters, Requiring some heavy luck here.

kleese is a good example lets say no one voted for a map how would skill or grinding be involved it would be anything but luck

Although I’ve already posted it on another thread I’ll share this:

It’s from a Battleborn sub reddit thread:

To keep this in context, that reddit post was before the comment I linked above. So, things may have changed since then, we will see.

Honestly even if they do decrease the number of kill ambra, I’ve still only encountered her once in the last ten games. You think with the official release of alani that will make a difference? Don’t see ambra enough as it is

I’ve been playing Ambra tons lately to give all the Galileas and Alanis a shot at their lore. i’ve also been melting their faces off because YOU’RE FILTHY, DARLINGS, THAT’S WHY


Exactly. Its just irritating and I don’t see where the fun or challenge is in any way.

Give me challenges that I have control over. Don’t make things luck based. The primary offenders are:

  • Play on the same team as X (most of these aren’t terrible, but some like Benedict’s and Boldur’s are bad)
  • Kill X character (too much luck is involved here. You have no control over who your opponent picks. If these must stay, make assists count and reduce the number from 25 to something like 5-10)
  • Play on X map (in PvP, you have little control over what map you play on. Again, this is luck based and just annoying, especially when Echelon is involved)

Reducing the number required is only going to slightly help by a very small percentage and in some cases not at all.

Ex. during this match I died once and it even wasn’t by Galilea, kept luring her out because i knew she wanted those lore challenges so bad.image

Just to keep this thread up to date:

Latest dev comment is that lore challenges are getting a “very hard look” and things will indeed change. He just can’t give a timeframe or specifics yet.

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