Official mods in bl3

Should gearbox incorporate mods into borderlands 3? It would be amazing for this to happen as it’s cool to play the custom dlc in borderlands one. Hopefully if this gets enough support maybe the people from gearbox on here can show the people making the game and this can be put in the new borderlands


The mods for BL1 only exist at all through the dedication, sheer bloody-mindedness and bitter tears of the stunning individuals who managed to teach themselves how to edit, without an editor, and with enormous love for the game and the desire to make content that meshed with gearbox’s vision.

This means that broadly speaking, we didn’t see many maps entirely consisting of red chests and orange fountains.

Which is a good thing, I’m sure we’d all agree.


wow never thought i’d see that

Actually there is, in fact, a map entirely full of red chests. And Gearbox was going to release an sdk for borderlands, the community just beat them to it.

What didn’t you think you’d see?

modding allowed. We can’t talk about gibbed because it alters your save files. The borderlands mods added maps, new difficulties, and weapons. Big difference between them.

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And, modding is becoming a more popular thing (IE. Doom, Mario maker, fallout, and cod bo2). If blands had modding, think of how much more popular the game could be. People are still creating custom dlc in the first borderlands. This may be just on PC, but if they can stretch it to consoles as well this could make the game even more popular than borderlands 2

it can be done, it just breaks the consoles ToS. So we don’t talk about it. No SDK on BL2 because it’s a different engine, and the files are cooked differently. the textures are all hard coded.

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There’s a world of difference between making maps, and hacking your BAR or making a slag infinity.

That’s why we use the word modding for the first, (which is allowed here on PC) and hacking for the latter. (Which isn’t, regardless of platform) How the two became seen as the same thing, I’ll never know.

I assumed the OP was referring to actual modding, as opposed to hacking.

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Yeah that’s exactly what I meant. I’m hoping also that maybe someone can host a custom map that they made. Hacking potentially ruins the other players profiles. But if modding is incorporated then the game would have to be online 24/7 so that hackers can’t mess anything up

not at all. in fact, thats why d3 is always online, so you CAN’T mod it. which is a shame, considering d2’s modding community.

no i thought i’d see a no

If they want to increase the life-span of their game by an additional 10 years or more then yes they should definitely leave in editor support as they did with the first one.

It was a huge disappointment to me and many other modders and players that this was not the case with Borderlands 2 and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of us all that we’re still upset about that decision. @SleepMaster @NOLAftw @Mr_GJ @Stouty22

Although modding for the first Borderlands didn’t really kick off on a large scale I believe an official tool kit with a Borderlands 3 could be huge with how popular the franchise has become.

Hell, I would even pay a large amount for said tools.


Its also a fact that many modders left the BL modding scene after they found out that BL2 didn’t have mod support. People like YetiCavern and Ratrace135 to name two. They’d still be in the game if BL2 had the support.

That’s why there are so few of us left. But like Dope said. Considering the popularity of the BL franchise now, modding could really kick-off. Heck it may even rival Skyrim. XD

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I wish

Couldn’t Gearbox do what Bethesda did and make a hub where people can download gear and custom dlc

I would much prefer an sdk toolkit with a test enviroment. Also, watch out for thread necroing. This one hasn’t been touched in almost a year.