Official Skill Tree calculator

We now have official skill tree calculator on Borderlands site.

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the way it’s layed out is kinda confusing for me cause each tree is “on a separate page”. I like being able to see all the skills from the trees at once so I don’t have to flip between the pages so much… it’s good for now but I would like the bl3skills site to be updated…


Agree. I don’t like that you can’t remove points from single skills.

@lowlines Now when official skill trees are out, can you add them to your site?


Has anyone noticed the “upgrades” to your Action Skill cost Skill Points. Is this a Bug or did they change it. And to just put in my 2 cents why would I ever take a mod to my Action Skill that gets 10-20 seconds of use every so often over skills that are active either 100% of the time or active as long as Im slaying, which makes it easier to keep slaying?? I REALLY think that is a bad idea, I hope thats a glitch and not by design. Unless they buff the augments MASSIVELY to where they are all equivelent to Game Changers.

Hmm for me it’s free.

For the second part of your post, could you be more specific what augments you are talking about?

What I mean are like the Chevron shaped upgrades. Like making the Gatling Guns on Mozes Mech Cryo or making Zanes shield a bubble. When I go through the Calculator and click the “Add to slot” it is taking a Skill Point for me to unlock them. Im hopping its a glitch on my end or somthing.

Just tested and its only happening on Moze and Fl4ks, Zane and Amara it didnt cost. So thinking there is a glitch up on Mozes and Fl4ks pages. Hopping thats why Matched set is showing a flat bonus to Magazine as opposed to the % it was before. Cause at a flat 10 rounds per item thats not much.

It could be a bug, but who knows.

You can. There are Undo, Redo and Reset buttons at the bottom

But you can’t reach capstone and then change some skills from lower tiers, and that’s the case.

Ah…this is true. I didn’t think of that.

After tinkering with Fl4k for awhile on there, I have noticed its not as user friendly as it could be.

The Chevrons costing points is intentional, I spoke to the community manager when I saw it while testing.

As for why you’d take them, you spend the point once, per Chevron slot, and you can swap them out on the fly.
So say you have a Chevron that gives you massive crowd control, and you’re in a large mob when you’re done you end up against a boss, crowd control isn’t useful there, but wait I’ll just a damage amplifying chevron/one that give more survivability.

It just adds more layers to how you play. Don’t forget, you get the skill at level 2 now, first skill point at 3, and then every level up to 50 (for now?)

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I don’t know, it still doesn’t make sense to me. That doesn’t match the Moze footage we’ve seen so far, there’s no reason that augments should cost skill points for only 2 of the 4 characters, and it seems to be at odds with what was advertised - the ability to freedom to swap augments freely on the fly. It doesn’t match the FL4K skill tree videos that Joltz and K6 put out today either

I’m inclined to think it’s an error but I guess I’ll have to wait and see

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From a comment by the community manager earlier.

At the moment it’s a bug with the skill tree planner for Zane and Amara. They’re not costing them right now, and I don’t think footage so far has actually showcased any Augments.

Every single gameplay event so far has allowed people to use augments, actually, and none of them have cost skill points. The only area too low level is the first bit with claptrap, but streamers were generally playing the game in a later area - anywhere from level 5 to 25 - and we have a lot of footage at this point


Ah, I’ve only seen the stuff up to Mouthpiece and the Moze gameplay snippet from her reveal. Work has kept me too busy to watch streamers at all. (and the stingy buggers won’t give me the WiFi password)

They may have disabled that feature for the early access builds, just to get a feel for how it works in the small playerbase samples hands rather than their QA testing team.

One thing I don’t see in FL4k’s skill tree is anything to directly control a pet. I have not watched any gameplay vids (and won’t) so it may be I missed it.
I ask because in the RPGs I’ve played over the years with “pets” I’ve often been frustrated with the pet not doing anything that actually helps, but rather it wanders over yonder ===>>>> and bites a green dragon hatchling that’s not doing me any harm.
Heck, many of us have had the wonderful experience of watching the Bloodwing cut circles in the sky while we shout at the screen That one there, attack THAT ONE!
Any click on pet, click on target pet should attack mechanic shown anywhere?

“F” for Keyboard at least to give an “attack command”. No idea what the console input for it will be.

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Huh, the augments costing skill points thing looks like it just disappeared on the FL4K calculator. I am very confused! :smiley:


Can confirm

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WOW thats even WORSE IMO. That simply tells me Ill ignore the Action Mods and focus on gunning. Kind of disappointed they decided to do it that way.