Official Sound Track

Hello,i suppose the soundtrack was also remastered, i’ve got my mitts on sounds extracted from the original HW2 but they’re badly cut and quite frankly of poor quality. Any chance of getting something official, i just love the music.

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The soundtrack in-game is just the original recordings in lossless quality, what you heard in the classic version was a poorer quality version in a lossy format, which reduced the quality of the actual tracks.

So that’s it? No other improvement? And we aren’t getting the OST, right?

You should be able to get the OST, but I haven’t looked in depth on the collector’s edition I’m afraid. I can’t check the game files since I’m not at the computer with the game installed though.

During one of the recent PAX panels they did say there would be a soundtrack coming post release. Hopefully CE people get it for free :slight_smile:

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I hope it’ll come out soon.