Official statement on weapon sounds?

Please, for the acoustic love of every homeworld fan there is…please, PLEASE fix the weapon sounds. Most are off, especially the point defense guns and the interceptor and scout guns. They are not lasers.

As you can see, these have been iconic sounds throughout the series for us older fans.

Please state your opinions and let’s have a nice discussion!


I’d be surprised if it wasn’t modded in within hours of someone opening one of the new bigs.


For the love of god, make it stoooop.

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Any explanation for why it was changed? I think we need one

they wanted to make it more starwarsy… And they failed…

I really don’t think that was the intention. Seeing how most sounds are actually misplaced now (just listen to laser corvettes, mothership point defense guns and assault squads), I think these are just bugs (wrongly assigned sound files?)

We would need confirmation though.

It seems too weird to be an intentional change.

I hope it gets changed soon.

Oh lord…

are you seriously jumping up and down and screaming about THIS of all subjects?

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Please don’t discuss other form users, if you can’t contribute positively, don’t post.


I am not “jumping up and down” in any way. I know the game has other, larger issues, but this is also one of them and nobody seems to bring it to the developers’ attention. I just want to know whether it is an intentional change or not, although I doubt it is.

The point defense systems sound just like kinetic guns from larger ships, while they clearly shouldn’t sound that way.

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yea scout weapon - laser - sound sucks, should be removed with the first patch, its not a big deal to do that, and it would help a lot, because you always hear this “cheap” laser sound, cracks down some atmosphere

I wouldn’t have any trouble if it were only the scouts, since you don’t hear those firing a lot anyway. My main issue is that this is happening to the interceptors as well, across all factions.

Trust me. It has been brought up. The answer? Play classic mode or wait for a mod. This really isnt an issue worth posting about. All it is doing is giving people a sounding board to complain about an issue that is, on the whole, insignificant.

I haven’t seen it brought up after release. Also, the issue is not insignificant as it breaks atmosphere for me and many other players. I am glad it doesn’t affect you, but I believe sound is a very important part of any game, and here it is just wrong.

Wrong for you. Wrong for a few others. This has been discussed and the consensus is the same: wait for a mod (gbx is very generous since they are giving out mod tools) or play classic.

Its fine for me, works well for me, and really sounds better for me. And since this thread is only 14 posts long, you cannot claim you are anywhere close to a majority.

Forgive my stern tone but people are nitpicking about the most absurd things. Its like going to a restauraunt and not tipping because you didn’t like the waiters shoes.

@robert_cpassovoy: Further to my post, above, that seems to have escaped your notice, don’t seek to inhibit others discussing issues. Stay out of this thread, now, please. You don’t get to decide what people should or shouldn’t be concerned about.


I don’t even give tips.

And yes, the fighter sounds should be changed. Here is why.

Close your eyes (actually close them) and imagine this:

Focusing on an interceptor during dogfights, zooming in, and just listen in your mind to what it sounds like.

For those who have played the games in years passed, you hear the firing of bullets. It’s signature for fighters. So while to some it sounds like nitpicking, it is actually a BIG part of the nostalgia for old Homeworld gamers. And, last I checked, Gearbox was trying to hit that nostalgia key as perfectly as possible. So this is, actually, well within reason to complain about. It’s a legitimate concern because it actually BREAKS the continuity from the original games to the Remastered versions.

Yes, there are other, bigger issues. But this is also one that quite clearly sticks out to a lot of people. So without attacking their opinion, maybe look at the numbers of the people mentioning it on the forums. It’s enough to warrant attention.


True, but from a scientific standpoint, the weapons are magnetically fired kinetic slugs, so I think it sounds accurate to what it is, personally, I always felt the bullet sounds in the original games was incorrect, my personal opinion, and probably unpopular. But the book back then and now state they are kinetic mass drivers, using magnetism to drive the slug. Pew pew

@ImmortalLobster, if we’re to be honest, there’s no sound in space. Also, by your logic, every other weapon should sound that way (even the heavy cruiser ones, the corvette ones, etc) and they definitely don’t. Either go all-out or stay true to the familiar sounds of ye olde.

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Gotta agree with OP. If he didn’t make this thread, I would have.

There’s a lot of sounds missing or incorrect, but the most egregious example are the guns on the fighters. I don’t know what happened there but it’s completely wrong. The sound of waves of Interceptor guns going off is iconic to me of the first game and to replace it with a silly pew pew sounding noise is ridiculous.

Yes, it’s a minor thing, but it’s also something that should be very easily fixable. Hell, even if they just used the old HW2 Interceptor/Scout sound effect I would be happy because that already sounded pretty close to the original.