Official statement on weapon sounds?

Not discrediting the validity of these concern, but when playing multiplayer, I wanted to comment that it barely registers what is making what sounds. Actually, to be completely honest, I don’t think anyone builds HW1 fighters anymore anyway because they’re so weak now, so … problem avoided? :smile:

Joking aside, big deal in singleplayer, obviously.

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The only issue i have with the sounds are with the turrets on the destroyer’s and heavy cruiser’s in HW1.
I LOVED the original sound it was so heavy, thick, and badass. Other than that i am enjoying the remaster.

Im sure once modding tools are released it’ll only take a few minutes to port over some of the old hw1 sounds :smile:

But then we won’t be able to play with those whose versions are unmodded, I believe.

I think it could still work for basic mods like textures and sounds.

Counter Strike: Source for example, let you play online with all of your custom weapon models, sounds, animations, etc.
Basically only you would see and hear your custom content, but it would remain the same for every other player. That’s why animations in CSS were restricted to the default animation’s frame limit.

So in my opinion stuff like sound effects and textures can sync online without issue, however if you would want to play a mod such as a turanic raiders or kadeshi mod, then all players on the server would have to have the same content loaded.

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i agree with you wholly! as the current sounds are more akin to a shotgun from a FPS than a Car Sized mass.

and i also agree with the OP as i modded HW2 back in the day and had to listen to every weapon sound in game to choose the sound for my custom weapons.

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I am not sure whether the HW netcode perceives mods this way. We would need a modder to tell us.

Meh, The sounds there are just fine, and does not effect much. And sure these could be modded and changed, easy once we have access again.
Though barring NO sound in space, I feel that WWII/modern cannon and MG sounds are completely out of place also (rail gun in no atmosphere would have a completely different sound to the people firing it to any current canon sounds) so changing them to that (which some of people want ) IMO would ALSO not necessarily be a improvement.

So each there own, but do not assume that a few vocal people on a forum equates some consensus of option for all to force everything on your personal opinions. Or that any proposed change would not just open up another vocal group waning a different change and so on.
It is what it is, change it if you like, if there is a real bug report it, but effectually minor (no game play effect) and very opinion based art changes are going to be the lowest of the low priority for any change if any are even considered.

Yelling at or insulting the devs is also a very good way to insure no change happens. (been there done that - from the dev side. “no bug? Then F. those winy bastards” ) calling out politely that “some assets may need some work and BTW I tend to like these sounds ___ what do you think” may get a look, after the bug rush is done, and other priories, maybe etc

Again this does not stop people from taking about it, but reality is just that. and something you may want to think about before spending too much time and effort discussing it in a echo chamber.
That time would be better served in making a MOD to fix it in the manor you like but also not forcing it on others as it is a opt in change not a global one. Food for thought.

I am really sorry, but I don’t get your point. Never did I ‘yell at’ or insulted developers. I am expressing my own opinion, and although to newcomers it may not be evident, to old timers like me, there is a dissonance between the old, thundering effects of the mass drivers and the new, soft, laser-like pew-pews. If you heard the old sounds, maybe you would understand better.

simply that I was not addressing you specifically? But the tone and attitude of allot of the “OMGz this sucks” threads that have been popping up and a bit on this thread.

Nice and funny Heh I am a old timer . . . I am that and more, :imp: - I am more then just some newbie consumer or a guy that played a old game a bit. so please do not assume anything here it really will not help.
But I will not take offense as forums are so crazy.

As I implied I have also the added benefit of knowing the other side to this or a close approximation (gearboxes at the moment) and as the moderator has said “calm discussions are fine, please do not dis anyone including the devs” I would add it is your time spend it wisely, being a fan boy, apologist, or a curmudgeon really does not help any discussion (your opinion is not worthless but definitely not as important as most think it is :sob: ). and most importantly the forums are sampled and used as THEY see fit, the longest rant on a non bug item will likely make you feel better but depending how insulting it is may have a detrimental effect on that being changed the way you would want it to be or no effect what so ever… reality is you have no control here even though the forum makes it seem you do.
So always be nice (again I am not speaking to you @Sajuuk directly but in general again here) they may find your opinion interesting enough to do something about it, don’t poison it by being a dick.

Also @Sajuuk if you did read my post, you would see I never said you should not express your option or even stop this discussion. (reread I will wait ;P)
I said at best this is a low priority change (at best) and that “art” change by definition IS going to have allot of opinion baggage. Your likes or anyone here might not reflect other peoples opinions, any change, global change effects everyone. ie my opinion is that both sound sets are wrong, I disliked the pew pew and the boom boom. But I will not PUSH my view on others. Instead I will change them in a mod my self if I feel it warrants the change.

Understand my point now? It was their decision to put those sounds in, we may not like it, but they have the ultimate say in what everyone gets (nothing wrong with that),
So again, make your own mod and be happy. or sit around complaining (you have said your say anything more is what?) and hope they make a change perfectly as you want it to be?? long odds man.


Again, I am not hoping to see changes they way I want them to be. I am asking whether these changes are intended or not. I believe you are simply antagonizing me for the fun of it.

Anyway, I updated the original post to be more clear.

Guys, let’s try to avoid talking about each other. Keep things cool and about the game.


That’s cool. Again a was not arguing with you. (though reading some of the responses you did get I can see you thinking that.) sorry. I think tempers as always on release are high.

I think what you said here was quite fair. and even a possibility. we will see. Though if you find a obvious problem write up a bug.

that’s not cool, as again I did specify I was not talking to you specifically but in general and to others that posted. The only times I was talking to you specifically was to remind you do read all of what I typed since you missed a part (no biggy but important for a discussion) and to say once again what I am saying there. now 2x.
I try, again like the moderator says not to talk about people directly so I keep things general and more informational (if I failed I apologize - I do tend to go on) so please again do not think I am antagonizing you. And truth to tell it was in response to others here (which I will not specify) that I felt overstated the sounds that they did pick. Though I also might have misread one of the responses here also, so I guess a bit of fail on my part. (I just get upset at some of the sniping since I have been there and that may have triggered a bit overdone post.)

Any way I am waiting on the mod tools release. In the meantime I am going to finish some models, work on ship and weapon changes (most of my old mod should be useable), I already have a overall of the fighter dogfight change ready, and now snag any replacement sounds if I come across them. That may be fun to do on lunch times.

Not only do they seem off, some sounds are actually incorrect. For example the point defense guns from HW2 use the single-shot frigate gun sound, rather than their original burst fire. And the hiigaran destroyers use the sound from the vaygr destroyer (which before was unique to the vaygr destroyer). The new HW1 capital ships also use the vaygr destroyer sound. While the pew-pew lazors could be a design decision (ableit a very confusing one), there are still straight up incorrect sounds…

So, if you expect a bug, write it up.

Neither do you know whether it was a conscious decision to make arbitrary and unfitting sound replacements.
Point defense weapons are the weakest guns in the game and their projectiles consist of a stream of small bullets, their rumbling machine gun sound has in HWR been replaced with that of a single shot heavy cannon. Same applies to the interceptor weapon sounds except it is now a single shot laser sound.

It would be fine if the Hiigarian Mothership was replaced with a zeppelin, right? After all if people didn’t like it they could just make a mod!

Telling people that they can just make a mod to solve X perceived problem is not an argument.


So, if you feel it is a bug, Write it up as one?!? if not why go on complaining on the forum as it does you no good.

And please don’t be a dick about it, you are being ridiculous.

" You have these lens which you look back at old games through and think about how incredible they were, then you go play them again and you’re like, ‘Oh! Oh…. well… that’s a little clunky’ or whatever. So what we wanted to do is make sure that wasn’t how you felt when you played the remastered version; but it looked like what you expected, it Sounded like you remembered, and all these things. That was our approach, let’s make this thing amazing."
Now that’s a direct quote from Brian Martel, so by accident or design they’ve moved a small step further from there intended goal with this Remastering. Which is a shame, now if it is an accident there’s certainly no harm in pointing it out to them as stuff will slip through the tightest of nets. But if it has been done by design, asking the question Why ? is a legitimate one, as its not what Gearbox stated they were trying to do.


And that is exactly what this thread is doing: Notifying the developers of a possible issue and asking whether it was possibly an intentional change.
Don’t try to tell people what and how they are allowed to discuss, you are not a moderator.
If you don’t care about the sound changes and think it is just “complaining” then why are you posting in this thread at all?

Previously you were crusading with walls of text proclaiming people should watch their language and respect the developers, and now you are attacking me, calling me a bitch and ridiculous for discussing a legitimate issue :kissing_heart: ?

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The reason why I made a post here and not in the bug report forum is simple: I do not know whether it is a bug or not, thus the title.

Lets not be rude. There are better ways to say what one wants without being disrespectful.

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