Official unofficial 12th of May 2016 hotfix changes discussion

So,what are your thoughts guys?
Post sadfaces on how you can’t roflstomp!
Discuss new strategies on how to work around the nerfs to still stay OP!

Let’s hear it!

Well I just played a Void mission where the ISIC player was the MVP with the highest score, kills, assists, damage taken and bonus score, with the least respawns… So I guess he’s still doing fine.

I tried ISIC for now and I think the rotating wards nerf was a TINY bit too much. In a 1v1 with Thorn my rotating wards got destroyed by a single shot each and they didn’t reflect the arrows. I’m not sure if its intended or if it’s a bug but reflecting wards seem a lot less useful now. I think they should reflect the shot that destroys them at least,so they can reflect at least one sniper shot each. But all in all the nerf wasn’t that big of a deal to me.

Only scratching my head about the reflecting thing,I think it should be removed if it can’t reflect a single sniper shot.

@stewitusp I barely play PvE,but PvE in general is super easy. I just have issues in PvP with what I posted above.

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Sounds like a reasonable hotfix for later. They probably want to adjust other things first but yeah for sure why shouldn’t it reflect that one shot?

Exactly!It defeats the purpose of having them. I was pushing a lane and they melted like butter by the curve leading to the 1st sentry on Overgrowth,but I can live with that. Just not being to reflect shots makes me sad,I had so many kills with that before.

initiate wards
jump in front of unsuspectin Oskar MIke with half health
fire charged shot while doing that
his fast reaction kills him as he turns shooting without noticing who he’s shooting at
fun times ^^

the 25% nerf to miko is a little too much what does anyone else think

I agree. Maybe 15% but 25 is a lot.

I’m going to test it out right now actually,will share my thoughts. In the ISIC game I did manage to kill her a lot easier though.

Well if this that bad for Isic I’m going to have to play Montana untill they fix him right

It’s not that bad,I went 8/2 in that game and the other team had ranks 30-40.

We’re the wards reflecting other shots? Thorn’s arrows can pierce enemies, I’m wondering if that counteracts the Ward’s reflection.

I played a ton of ISIC,many times vs Thorn. The issue is,the wards now have around 120 hp,which is lower than her charged shots damage,so the shot not only destroy all wards instantly,it also isn’t reflected because it destroyed them. I just wish they’d reflect the shot that destroyed them so they could work at all vs heavy hitting one shotters(like ISIC charged shot,Thorn,Marquis,charged laser shots from Kleese)

I main Miko and have no issues with the nerf. In fact the extra challenge is welcome. The Probiotics mutation (that I never used before) almost negates it anyway.

Yeah.Played a few matches with ther,now at least biosynthesis isn’t JUST an additional heal for my allies. The 15% speed is still good,30% was OP and I felt it was from the first time I played her.

Why did you make a new thread when people were already discussing the patch?

Definitely disagree. Healer’s oath alone practically negates that nerf. Miko is still going to be healing outagious amounts of health from heal beam, Biosynthesis (when picking Regenerative Aura), and Fungus Among Us.


Miko nerf was totally uncalled for, but whatever.

Galilea nerfs, they need to decide what exactly a Galilea is before they change anything else. Is she supposed to be a melee character? If so, nerf her abilities into borderline uselessness but leave her with at least decent melee damage. Is she supposed to be some sort of ability using zone controlish kind of thing? If so, buff her abilities so they actually fill that role she allegedly plays.

Wish they would just pick a direction to take her instead of gradually making her ‘meh’ one nerf at a time.

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Or maybe she’s supposed to be a do everything hero. :stuck_out_tongue:

How is it uncalled for?

Miko was and still is hands down the best healer in the game. But not only that, he still had respectable damage and utility whether he was specing into just slow or changing his spore toss into a stun. Then for someone who has no mobility abilities, he could still get out of dodge thanks to Fight or Flight giving him 30% increased movement speed for simply taking a single point or more of damage. Between that 30% and throwing a spore while using Biosynthesis, it was difficult catching him.

He needed to be toned down in some regard.


Yeah, but a do everything hero is a do nothing hero lol