'Official' unofficial community patch

Do we feel like there’s a possibility of gearbox implimenting the changes made in @shadowevil1996 's unofficial patch into the game? Or would they rather leave it as a stand alone community patch?

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I don’t think they’ll touch the weapon damage alterations (nor would I want them to). I’m pretty sure that when they opened up UVHM2 and the OP levels, the purpose was to let us play at a place where the game scaling seriously nerfs some game mechanics specifically for the opportunity to challenge those players who’ve got the wherewithal to handle it (specifically: not everyone).

Let’s say they released another UVHM patch, and we could go from OP9 to OP16, and even fewer game mechanics worked properly. Would you want Gearbox to buff the gear and skills further so the masses could play there as well? They would wind up in an arms race with themselves, and expert players would again be without an opportunity to play at a serious difficulty. At some level, what’s the point of playing at OP8 if the gear/skills are scaled up enough to make it like playing at a lower level (especially when there are already a number of ways to scale the game as you see fit without going down that path)?

They may implement the rarity change for the Deadly Bloom, and other little fixes for example, but unless there’s some game mechanic that’s specifically not working as they intended, I don’t think they will.


The fact that these discussions are allowed on this forum is noteworthy. Discussing modding is forbidden but now we have multiple threads discussing just that ; and not just in a theoretical sense but actual planned changes.

This could mean several things : they deem it inevitable ; they are seriously following for a hot fix to BL2 to reward diehard players ; they are using the discussions for BL3 input.


AIUI the official view is that discussion of cheats and cheat engines is absolutely forbidden; discussion of modded gear/weapons on console is also forbidden, since this violates terms of service; discussion of PC mods for BL1 have been allowed, however. Discussion of mods for BL2 might fall under the same set of restrictions, but I’m not aware of seeing that specific discussion here. It would appear to fall under the existing Forum Rules though


I guess using the BL1 forum as a model, allowing it makes a certain amount of sense. Not exactly cheating if everyone is running the same patch.

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It’s allowed.

@Jefe, and everyone else reading this: Note that this was just agreed as an appropriate topic by the mods, and this really shouldn’t be interpreted as meaning that it’s condoned or approved in any way whatsoever by gearbox in any ‘official’ capacity, at all. Not even a little bit. None. Nada. Zilch.

It only means that the mods think that the community should be able to discuss it within the parameters mentioned above, by @Gulfwulf and @VaultHunter101, nothing more.

None of the above, I’m afraid. At least as far as I’m aware.

Just making this as clear as I possibly can, before anyone jumps to exciting conclusions. Sorry.



clearly there is conspiracy to commit fun afoot. And I just know that gearbox is behind it…

Just you wait till I get to the bottom of this… I’ll prove once and for all that gearbox is just a secret organization of no good video game modders who have managed to inject their non-conformist “creativity” into the mainstream​.


Hey, mate, long time, good to see you!

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That actually sounds… rather good!

Likewise my monocled friend!

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