Officially quit trying to complete Galilea's lore challenge... smh

So now that we have Alani (great character imo) Ambra is near obsolete. As it was, it was incredibly hard to come across an Ambra in pvp and now I think it’ll be even worse. Really hope gearbox adjusts the way you complete the challenge (along with some of the other near impossible challenges), I’ve been sitting at 13/25 (Ambra kills) for a few weeks now.


I’ve come to realize this and have made it my mission over the next week to play as many PvP matches as Ambra as possible and just let people who need the lore kill me. K:D means jack all to me and this game anyhow.


If only there were more people in the community like you, I’d be willing to help people with the pvp side of the lore challenge as well, just trying to figure out how one would go about getting matched up against people they know will help.

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That’s the real issue. I kinda wish there was a way to enter matchmaking with 6 people and the one teamed up against the rest would just help with lore, but that would raise way too many other issues…

Ambra obsolete? News to me.

I still play her, going 10/0/30 bajillion against all the Alani and Galileas trying to ruin my day.


You are one of the very few, I haven’t seen an Ambra all day just a bunch of Alanis which is understandable. My day off hasn’t been very productive as far as reaching my goal goes though

You’d think developers would have learned a long time ago NOT to put progression and unlocks based on very precise multi-player achievements. It’s actually quite an arrogant thing to do when you examine it. It is the developers thinking they’re game will be so successful no one will have long term issues getting these things that MUST be obtained for character gear.

Even in the later years of a game, as the player base falls off.

Galilea’s isn’t the only one in this regard.

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I am kind of amused that someone admitted to feeding, and was congratulated for it, with not a single negative word from anyone else. Kind of shows how bad the lore situation has gotten.


I been using ambra too… But with the same result, smashing faces because they’re so determined to kill me that they play stupid. So I mean… Hooray for helping query lore, except in the last couple days, I have literally helped one Alani and zero Gals. They have a hard time killing me.

They replied through Reddit that they have read and agree with the conversations. They said that the next hotfix should reduce the requirements. Not sure if just Galy or all characters with kill lore challenges. They said they aren’t sure about the new number but that it might be 5.

I’ll try to find the thread, but it is Reddit. Don’t know how successful I’ll be.


I do the same thing sometimes lol

I was actually thinking of doing the same :smile:
Since I play mostly PvE, I focused on the other lore challenges first.
Not that I would consider Ambra obsolete or useless at this point. But since there are a lot of people thinking that at the moment, I guess it’ll be hard to finish Galilea’s lore now.

If you could duel in story mode… Like in bl, then… Actually that would just break the challenge in the too easy direction. Hmm. Really we just need a draft mode, so you can at least pick Alani/Gali when you see an Ambra, rather than every match.

Or make it a more general challenge, something like kill 25 Jeneritts battle born.

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Ambra has always been a fairly common character when teams actually play Support even after all the nerfs…of course she’ll be less common (as will all Supports) until the Alaniitis blows over.

Idk I dont really pick a character purely to finish their lore, so it never feels like a chore to me. Ive been having fun with Galilea now that I feel shes finally “clean” enough to use.

Or even three characters. Rath, Ambra, Deande. Three higher up Jen’s who (in Alani’s case) are all to blame for her planet’s… Death? Slavery? I don’t even know…

Alani is literally brand new. Let the hype die down and Ambras will start re-appearing; I’ve run into a few already.

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At the risk of thread necromancy… Has anyone heard anything about the idea of reducing the number of kills since @XSoldat13’s post? I am an avid Peacekeeper player (High Commander, woot!), and Galilea is the only Peacekeeper I can’t seem to complete. besides the scarcity of Ambra players (tips hat to above posters who do play as her in PvP), I run into the problem that @Eggplant personifies

When I do find Ambra, I can’t seem to pin her down long enough to seal the deal. She is incredibly agile, and pops that overshield the instant that you have her on the ropes… :frowning:
Any advice on hunting the elusive wild Ambra?

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I think they said it needed to be included in a big patch (probably the next one)

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Thata actually an awesome idea. People should ban together and play Ambra to help other BB players out. That would be awesome to do.

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