Officially quit trying to complete Galilea's lore challenge... smh

Or even three characters. Rath, Ambra, Deande. Three higher up Jen’s who (in Alani’s case) are all to blame for her planet’s… Death? Slavery? I don’t even know…

Alani is literally brand new. Let the hype die down and Ambras will start re-appearing; I’ve run into a few already.

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At the risk of thread necromancy… Has anyone heard anything about the idea of reducing the number of kills since @XSoldat13’s post? I am an avid Peacekeeper player (High Commander, woot!), and Galilea is the only Peacekeeper I can’t seem to complete. besides the scarcity of Ambra players (tips hat to above posters who do play as her in PvP), I run into the problem that @Eggplant personifies

When I do find Ambra, I can’t seem to pin her down long enough to seal the deal. She is incredibly agile, and pops that overshield the instant that you have her on the ropes… :frowning:
Any advice on hunting the elusive wild Ambra?

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I think they said it needed to be included in a big patch (probably the next one)

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Thata actually an awesome idea. People should ban together and play Ambra to help other BB players out. That would be awesome to do.

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Yes, they have. In the most recent battleplan.

Unfortunately, Sony and Microsoft only allows for developers to update their games once a month. The game was recently updated this past week. Specifically the 15th. So sadly, the earliest we can expect the change is July 17th(15th sorry I was tired.).

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Good intel, Thanks. I guess I’ll just have to be patient, and in the meantime join the players who are feeding my fellow poor frenimie starved Galilea in order to rack up some gamer-karma. lol

Ya im about to log on and get on Ambra to see if I run into any Alanis and Gals to help people out. PS4 that is. Dasev77 is the name. Look out for me.

I’ve been playing Gal as my main since the beta and I’m only 1 q away to completing my lore. I had just had a game and I was lucky enough to be against an Ambra on the other side. However, the mosf irritating thing was we finished the game without me getting any Ambra kill (and we lost on top of that - most likely because it was a 4 v 5 game as well). It’s already difficult enough to find an Ambra, and I found that this Ambra, albeit me having sent a message asking for just one kill to complete my lore, totally ignored it and specifically aimed to kill me all the time. Seriously, some people are so not helpful sometimes. Now I’m feeling like leaving Battleborn for good…

Heh, so you went in with the sole purpose of killing Ambra and you were pissed when the Ambra wanted to kill you?

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I won’t deny that you’re kinda right, but I never said that I was willing to throw away the match for it. And I did not go for her when it was obvious stupidity to charge. I was just frustrated that it was hard enough to find an Ambra in the game and it was even more frustrating that when I did, I couldn’t get any Ambra kill. Sorry for being irritated from that.

Took me 61 games to kill 25 Oscar Mikes. Whiskey Foxtrot vs Oscar Mike is not a good matchup, btw.

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Yeah, I feel sorry for all those Oscar Mikes.

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I’ll keep an eye out for you, to quit matchmaking if I see you. Are the other 8 people in the match just supposed to sit by while you zerg rush at Alani/Gal? Matchmaking is bad enough as it is, and when you throw in people who go afk, or disconnect, or quit trying when things go bad, or surrender at 100-100 in incursion, plus all of the Gal/Alani/WF chasing their own objectives. Gearbox has made enough bad decisions. Let’s not compound their mistakes with our own.

Yup until gearbox fixes their lore I guess Ill watch ya leave. Bye then. waves

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I was playing as Ambra all this week and the other night I had a Gallilea message me begging to let them kill me because they were at 24/25 for the lore. I had every intention of giving them the free kill before the end of the match but I definitely was not going to just hand one out without seeing a bit of work put in for it first I mean we were already on a losing streak by this point.

For the first 10 minutes of the match it became a game of not get killed by Gallilea and her buddy Ambra who were ganging up on me to ensure the kill. Multiple times they nearly had me and then some bastard from their team would steal their kill, I mean it was less me intentionally trying to prevent them and more everyone else on their team fighting over who gets to kill you.

Then at long last they pinned me in a corner so I couldn’t escape or heal quick enough and I died. Their team ended up absolutely flogging us and that Gallilea killed me another 2 times before the end of the match but man was it fun trying my hardest to not die…In a Meltdown match where the main objective is supposed to be killing Minions (not other players), which I was constantly trying to do despite the massive bounty on my head.

Seriously you should almost get a penalty for having a death match in the middle of a Meltdown game, more so than simply letting minions through. I find that once a good team gets to a certain point threshold/lead they totally stop playing objectively and just go out on a headhunt. I don’t care if you win because of it, that’s not how you are supposed to play Meltdown!!

I am going to have so much fun when I get to one of those lore challenges… At least I can do the play with X character lore challenges by loading up my brother’s account and jumping off the edge on a Hardcore story mission 5 times.

I played as Ambra the other day and a Galilea chased after me for the first 2 minutes of the game, later I just found him and stood in front and did nothing as he killed me, after 4 kills they sent me a message saying thanks and he owes me one. Feels good to help.


A partial fix would be changing the lore requirements to "win a match with an ambra on the opposing team, bonus progress if you kill her in match"
Or even simpler “play a match with a ambra on the opposing team”


That’s a great idea. Another fix which might be good would be simply “Do X amount of damage to Ambra.” It still wouldn’t fix the fact that people hardly play Ambra anymore but it would make is seem possible to actually complete the lore.

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I think the best fix would just be to enable lore challenge progress in versus private. I have no idea why it was ever disabled in the first place. I don’t understand the rationale there. I had one guy try to argue that “then they wouldn’t be challenging” but that’s a ridiculous argument. There’s bunches of Lore challenges in this game that aren’t challenging.

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