Offline DLC is it Epic or Gearbox stopping it

As best I can tell I am unable to play the Moxxi DLC offline… What is the deal with that?

Anybody else with the problem, I can’t stay connected all the time where I live.

Yeah it seems I can only connect once or twice a day right now. My spring break just started, so I was gonna play far, far too much anyhow lol. I have some other games to play while they sort this mess out though.

It looks like this is only a problem with the Epic version. I threw Steam into offline mode and disabled my net connection, and no errors going to the Hansom Jackpot.

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Awesome, I just submitted a support ticket to 2k stating this Epic dlc issue.

This is totally unacceptable, we (Epic users) were promised offline gaming (heard it from Randy’s mouth!). So far we have not received that given the current state of the EGS Launcher & dlc1

Before you launched the game?

Yep. When you swap to offline mode in steam, it normally kicks you out of game so I manually set Steam to offline and then disabled my network connection. After that I launched my game, and had no issues playing some slots at a casino I still need to blow up.

Also Steam does handle offline mode a LOT differently than Epic. Back when Steam was a baby it had all sorts of licensing issues if you were offline. Now it caches the licenses as part of going offline.


Yepper! I chatted with some steam user’s they say no problems DLC and all plays fine. with internet completely disabled, unplugged and off.

Epic is abusing us for sure.

EDIT >> I am glad this is the only game I have on EPIC server, and It will be the first and last one I ever get there too.

I got a free copy of the game with Epic with my video card…yet I waited for it to come out on Steam. Wonder why? :upside_down_face:

Very wise of you DarkWaterSong :slight_smile:

Yeah I actually was gifted my copy from a friend, wanted me to play it. So If I know for sure steam is solid I may buy it there and trash this epic junk.

This was first time I ever try anything on and Epic server,( only did it because My friend bought it for me ) and like I said probably the last.

It’s not that Epic will not get better, but it is not ready for prime time.