Offline glitches since the release of DLC3

I own the super delexue Edition I got dlc3 and the new hot fixes and I’ve :honeybee: having extreme and consistent delay with the audio and the text that appear on screen. Opening the menu for anything cause the game to freeze and it takes around 2 minutes for the function to load when playing story mode same problem the dialogue and the text on screen are not in sync and it takes two to 3 minutes for it to load and what should be a simple one minute of dialogue can take 10 minutes to complete and because of this heavy lag the complete task marker will not cycle to the next one until the dialogue is complete. I spent quite a deal of money for your product and it is glitching like the side mission in nekrotafeyo were it’s apart of the mission but the entire borderlands 3 has this problem. I need it fixed, money was given to you in good faith I need a working product.

It’ll probably get patched sometime in the coming patches. To help speed this along it would help if you filled in a support ticket with as much detail as possible.

Useful pieces to add will be where the delay first starts to show up. (From the start? At a certain mission?)
What platform or storefront (in case it’s not a universal issue.)

I sent it to them and still haven’t received a response. I need help because the game is now finally awesome in a sense and this is horrible. You have to have the patience of Job

#219755 that’s the ticket number. I need someone to please explain what is going on

When did you submit the ticket? It might just be that no-one has gotten round to it yet.

I can, of course, pass it along to someone here for you. But a fix will still take time.

Dont play offline,its a online game,I’ve no issues with it over the last two months or so

I received a response from a Katrina but it’s like nobody read my response. I told you it’s the entire game is doing this on every level with any character I did not have this problem before DLC 3. I can’t be the only one who has the problem. They ask me to take video of the matter but the phone I have has a inferior camera. But I will soon get it to them. Ask around I know I not the only having this problem

Since covid started, Charter has given many people in my area free internet and sometimes my internet goes out cause of the heavy traffic. If I’m in-game when this happens, the game stutters every 10-12 seconds.
Not only that, but I can’t use DLC gear offline.
Why is that a thing?

I’m guessing you’re on PC/Epic? For some reason Epic requires you to be on-line to play the DLC. Why, I have no idea. I believe you can work around this if you have your internet connected when you fire up the game and get into a DLC map, then simply pull the plug/turn off the WiFi.

The stuttering sounds like the social features failing to connect. Social menu, settings, and changing notifications to off should help that. You might also want to check that you don’t have ECHOCast features enabled (last tab of your inventory menu.)

You should be able to capture video via your game platform or 3rd party add-on. XB1 has built-in recording, there are various options on PC, and I believe PS4 now also supports this?

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That’s unfortunate. I really wish I could launch it from steam but c’mon now, I ain’t buying a game I spent $200 on again! Oh well. It’s only an issue when my internet goes out so it’s not that big of a deal. As for the social features, I’ll check out the settings and see if that provides a solution. Thanks!

I know folks have been submitting tickets about the on-line thing for a while. Wouldn’t hurt to add another if you’re feeling up to it (link in top of Tech Support section). AFAIK the Steam version doesn’t do that. I can only assume that the Epic launcher doesn’t store any rights/licence information locally, so always has to check in to verify ownership.

The issue with this is the console stops rolling recording when the game crashes, so you never get an opportunity to save the clip.

Does the recording survive if you start recording and then hit the trouble section? XB1 does have a ‘record x min ahead’ option, but I don’t know if a crash would scrap that too.

I believe it resets the rolling record at the time of crash, so there is nothing to save. It doesn’t work as ‘record now’. It has a rolling record that you can set the length of and when you hit record it saves that .Say you set it to 15 mins, it just saves last 15 mins when you hit the save recording button.

It also has the option to record ahead for up to 15 min, but I don’t know if that saves as it goes, or uses the rolling record and just sets an event timer to trigger an autosave. You don’t necessarily need to tell it to stop recording though.

I don’t think PS4 has that. I’m also unclear how that would work, unless as you say, it sets an event timer.