Offline LAN in HW:Remastered and HW:Classic?

First let me say this:
I love the remastered version and all the love that was put in it.

i have two big issues however:
Why there is no LAN multiplayer in classic homeworld games?
Why I can’t play homeworld remastered LAN in offline mode (it is impossible to launch multiplayer in steam offline mode)?
I really wanted to play with my brother through LAN but it is impossible at the moment…

Edit: Is this really not bothering anyone?


It is bothering several people…

GBX seems to look into fixing things in the Classic versions (e.g. I read that they want to fix the save game compatibility) and so maybe the will re-implement the dysfunctional LAN parts (while I doubt it…)

In worst case we have to build it ourselves…

I would love to be able to play the classic versions online. I hope GBX puts LAN back into those versions.

It could hurt the HWR beta though, so I can see why they might be reluctant.

Personally I’m not interested in the beta in the slightest, I’d take the offline Lan for the classics any day. A mod was made for HW2 classic to make lan possible again, but people are still working it out for HW1 classic.

Gearbox removed WORKING features in the classics claiming not to touch them and shoved a unfinished feature that does not work with the classics only the remastered versions. Which prevents some I know from playing lan unless they use a mod for the second one.


To play HWR LAN offline try making another shortcut of HomeworldRM.exe and add -mpbeta -modcompatibility.big to the command line. Not sure if it works after the updates. Found this on a Tunngle forum.

I’m assuming that’s for remastered only since there is no LAN option in the Classic versions. That option has been removed.

Yeah, the remastered version. For some reason they don’t allow you to access the lan mode while offline. Stupid actually.


Guys, I’ve been scouring the web trying to find a way to play LAN offline.

It had to be offline since, this is going to be hard to believe, I don’t have Internet at home other than my phone (from which I am typing now).

I came across this;

I tried it and it seems to work.

I can confirm that that file on zippyshare does enable offline LAN play but beware, it changes the UI of the main menu and you can’t ‘see’ the exit button so you have to use Ctrl-F4 to exit the game. Bit of a pain but I can live with it. It only affects it when you run the shortcit with the command line options added to it so run it normally from Steam and it’s still fine

Does anyone have a copy of that file? The zippyshare link is broken and I’d love to play HWR offline on lan with my girlfriend. Also I’m on a Mac, idk if that matters. Thanks!