Offline Multiplayer (PC)?

I’ve been playing Duke3D since the first Demo back in 95 I believe. So Duke’s anniversary is kind of my anniversary, too :slight_smile: .
SInce Multiplayer was a big thing for us back then I decided to invite my old gaming buddies between X-Mas and New Year’s to rejoice and dwell into old memories with the Duke just like we did back in the nineties in my little holiday home by the sea. But before I order seven additional copies I’d like to know if it is possible to play the game in MP WITHOUT Internet access. My chalet is at the back of beyond civilization and we are lucky to have hot water and electricity (and a refridgerator filled with cold beer :slight_smile: ), but there is no chance to get any internet access.

Soo…is there a possibility to play the game in Co-op or DM offline?