OG FPS Player / Fresh Take Or Stale?

I’m just going to come right out and say it at the get-go. Stale.

I’ll give you my reasons why. This is Quake Arena with abilities. Come to think of it…I was a part of another beta that was also like Quake Arena with abilities. It was called Quake Champions and that didn’t captivate me either. I think it comes down to the poor implementation of the “extra” elements. I call them “extra” because after my first match I completely ignored everything but the double-jump and my rocket launcher yet still managed to do well. I don’t think you’re going to reach the crowd looking for an updated, fast-paced, skill based FPS hearkening to the old days and I for sure don’t think you’re going to entice the Overwatch / CoD crowd. The first crowd is probably going to just play Quake Arena in one of it’s many iterations because it’s better at what it does. The second crowd is going to see this as shallow due to lack of variety and noninclusive because they can’t team up with their friends. Neither crowd is going to appreciate a Free 2 Play / Pay 2 Win game where your wallet dictates the level of competition.

Here’s what you did right and what you did wrong. This all takes into consideration that this is early in development.

The Good: The graphics look great, the movement is crisp and the UI is clean.

The Bad: The maps for being so small are a waste of space, the guns are lackluster, the cards are mostly forgettable, the matchmaking is unbalanced, there is no controller support for casual / couch gamers and the business model is gross.

The Ugly: I merely included this so I could make the cool reference.

All in all, I don’t think this is the hill you want to die on. Especially on the heels of Battleborn. I want to see GearBox stick around. You don’t have to stay in the Borderlands box (although I really want Borderlands 3) but I don’t think you can compete in this space with this game. I just don’t see it. I wish all the luck to you but I’ll be uninstalling after this post and I don’t think I’ll be back. Thank you for inviting me to play. I appreciate it. Please consider me for future projects ( you know what I’m talking about :acmwink: ).

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