Ogre and IB rockets regen grenades real fast with MoD

So ever since GBX broke the hex and I also think that they secretly changed Mozes capstone "explosive punctuation " so it no longer counts as splash damage, I’ve been testing what other alternatives I have to regenerate grenades as quickly as possible since in a Deathless 1hp build its literally the only way to charge shields.

The ogre works great. From 0 to 11 grenades in about 10-15 seconds . I cant tell how fast Iron Bear rocket pods splash damage regens but after it ends I’m fully stocked on grenades again .

The former works extremely well and the bonus is, well, the ogre is a great weapon that does a ton of damage, so being forced to use it to refill grenades wont exactly tank your DPS.

Iron bear rocket pods work great too . A good use for IB is that if your shields are close to breaking (and you dont have any grenades to charge shields) then you pop into IB and shoot as many rockets as you can , and by time you get out shields AND grenades will be 100%

Give it a try . At least until GBX releases a patch next week secretly nerfing them

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If MoD is working, it’s great. Sometimes MoD breaks though and won’t regen anything at all. Not sure what causes it.

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Oh really?

It doesn’t work at ALL anymore with Exposive Punctuation secondary explosions. I used to refill my grenades effortlessly using shreddifier rifle and all the explosions it procs . That doesn’t work anymore,.so they must have done something to her capstone and dont tell anyone . Surprised no one seems to notice this potentially huge nerf .

The capstone you’re referring to is Short Fuse, not Explosive Punctuation. Also, Short Fuse has always been kind of bad, I don’t know that many people were even using it.

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Yes sorry your right got name wrong

Not Sure why you say it’s bad. 20% chance to do 75% more damage?

Yeah, even with rapid fire guns the damage from Short Fuse feels low. I’m wondering if it’s based off base damage and not overall gun damage.

I started putting 11 points into SoR for some more survivability and Experimental Munitions instead of going full into DW tree. I’d grab Forge, but it really isn’t that great either when MoD works and you’ve got a couple points in Redistribution along with a big magazine size. I already rarely reload.

That’s 15% bonus damage overall, which for a capstone is… okay, I guess, but you have to dump points into genuinely useless skills like Explosive Punctuation or Why Can’t I Carry All The Grenades to get to it. It’s not worth it.

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I think the best way to go is still to go down SoR until you max Phalanx Doctrine, then down DW until you max Vampyr. Alright survivability from all the shields and Vampyr, but tons and tons of bonus gun damage from Desperate Measures, Drowning in Brass, and Phalanx Doctrine. It’s 125% bonus gun damage before the points from the class mod and without any PD stacks, plus 15% incendiary if you take Selfless Vengeance. I think a BM build would end up being tankier since you have a health gate though.

I still don’t have a Bloodletter com, so I’m avoiding a Deathless build until I actually get one.


Used to think debuff rockets were useless (despite obvious advantage of +15% whole team damage on target), but now with her new meta build it’s not only convenient but amazing

You don’t have to use Ogre or grenades though, but of course they synergize. I think because I’m coming from being biased against grenades and being a determined Autobot spammer that I found this, but the Anointed +120% Splash damage for 18 seconds Autobot spam with Some for the Road and extreme burst Heavy weapon destroys and is amazing. With Bear Trooper for fast cooldown there was synergy from +cooldown rate from splash.

If you also have Ogre and Blaster Master, perhaps the Heavy weapons can kill everything fast enough with the two damage buffs that the early cooldown talent is enough, though it has diminishing returns. Regardless, the new Boom Blast shield or whatever is probably best for protection against slow shield modifiers, Just kidding. Stop Gap all the way baby, with plenty of Autobot spam for defense and attack

Now, people have posted about Some for the Road with heavies before, we are only really finding what’s already spelled out in the game, but perhaps because we Autoboters are happy that there is less presence on the forums

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Damn straight they do! I’m glad you found this :wink:

Which ogre do you use ?

Because its dps suck bad in slaughter house mayem 3 on brutals.

I never found an elemental ogre, so breaking the armor part will take a toons of ammo.

I use an Engulfing Ogre… with 100% splash damage bonus from Blast Master, it hits fairly hard. Heavy Badasses are always going to take some time to down.

Have you tried Maliwan western gun with x2 from athena instead of ogre ?
Found one with rad/fire and found it better in melting than ogre while used with non reloading build.

Got the tip from johnirby86

To me Ogre lack elemental in mh3 for being as powerfull in slaughterhouse.

Guys I’ve been using the Ogre over the weekend thinking that the fast rof and unlimited mag size would have insane grenade regen but I’ve testing it with an Occultist that has way lower rate of fire and they both regenerate grenades at the rate. There must be a cap or a nerf depending on what weapon you use.

Does westergun count as splash damage? I have on with shock and corrosive on permanent quick select to deal with shields and armor as needed. Does it proc MoD with splash damage?? Never really thought about it

Engulfing Ogre.

I dont use it with DPS in mind per se just to regen grenades quickly. Its dps is great though against flesh enemies

Binary westergun is very good.

I’ve been using it for a long time.

It counts for splash and it melts on mayhem 2. I have rad and fire, shock and rad on the 2 I use

If want to know whether a gun is splash damage, just shoot your feet or shoot a wall that you standing up next to.

Ogre may be elementless, but you can get it with an elemental anointed effect.

I didnt know you can get it x2 bullet per shot. Sounds awesome .

It’s nice It has a 100% drop rate from Beans. Took me a while to get shock and corrososive I wanted. Never saw a binary drop. Might take a while to get lucky and get all that in one gun