Oh are you for real

…no words. Just look:


Kill Ambra 25 times? Didn’t you say you would fix that kind of lore challenge?


Yeah, this is extremely disappointing to see.

Edit: Also, her requiring Galilea for lore means that she’s not going to be as helpful for Boldur’s Woodsworn as some of us might have liked.


I don’t get it, what’s the problem?

ikr i want to max out whisky but i cant find any Oscar rmikes today this is getting kind of stupid

It’s interesting how they have a kill x amount of character on what we assumed was a support character. (haven’t tried her out yet to see if that’s what she truly is)

If you haven’t been following threads about this, basically the “kill X specific battleborn 25 times” is one of the hardest lore challenges to complete, since it requires that you play a specific character and the enemy team also have a specific character. And then have you kill that character, which is even more puzzling since this is on a supporter.

Now, add all of this on to the fact that this unlock becomes exponentially more difficult for coop players. It encourages queue and game dodging when such players can’t get their lore incremented, etc. It’s just a horrible lore challenge in general.

As a coop player, I might as well shelve her along with Whiskey and Kelvin as characters I’ll never be able to finish lore challenges with, despite me really wanting to like them.


I’ve been having this exact conversation on the New Character Alani page:



Yeah, I only have 8 Oscar Mike kills… Most of the time I find an Oscar Mike they hang back the entire match, racking up as much as 0 deaths… It doesn’t help that to be effective I need to hang back too!

And now we have a “kill X character Y times” on a support character. Sigh…

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Whoever’s in charge of the lore is probably locked in a box somewhere, and Gearbox won’t let them know anything that’s going on outside of it. =P

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Yes… trapped inside a Gearbox Box, if you will.


that actually made me chuckle :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… isn’t a challange supposed to be… Challenging? Isn’t it supposed to take time before you earn it? So you can brag about how long it took and how hard it was to get?

In any other case I would always agree with player choice… But not when it comes to a challange. Gearbox challenges you to do this. If you don’t have the patience or skill, that’s just too bad. Wouldn’t be a challange if it was easy to get, now would it?

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Challenging, yes. Encouraging bad team play and game dodging? No.


if the challenge wasnt solely based on luck of the draw then I bet like 80% of people wouldnt have any complaints


I guess it takes a gamedodger to know a gamedodger… It would be a redicilous motive to leave a game. Especially since you would have to wait the entire matchtime before you can join a new game so it’s smarter to stay in the game and try to end it quick.

I’ve been browsing these forums for a while now. I’m sure there would be many complaints.

hahaha im sure there will always be complaints just a lot less theoretically

And I think it’s equally ridiculous to force coop players to sit through PvP games when they aren’t even getting what they need out of it. I’d rather wait the time than go through something I hate. I know I am not the only one.

Not to mention, it still encourages bad team play. If I’m hunting for fetches for Shayne, that’s all I’m doing. I don’t care about winning or losing, I only care about fetching enemy battleborn as often as I can.

Do you really want that mentality encouraged? Because that’s what the current lore challenges do.


I’m sorry.
I couldn’t hear anything productive over the dripping derision of ‘git gud’ saturating that comment.

To be clear, Challenge is good.
You want me to kill something, I’m fine with that.
Kill ISIC 25 times?
I have a choice of Algorithm 25 times, or PvP and roll the dice, but there is a choice and a path for progression.
Kill Ambra 25 times?
Now I have to wait for someone else to pick Ambra.
Kill battleborn in PvP?
Fine, that’s not a choice, that’s everyone in PvP.

We have Lore ‘Challenges’ that are “team-up with X for Y times”.
Are those Challenging?
The measuring stick for a Challenge is player participation and engagement, not ‘git gud’.
Currently, the 25 Kill Bounty Challenge is nowhere near on the level of other Challenges and promotes either non-engagement, large amounts of playtime in a specific mode of play, or coordination that undermines the competitive aspect of the game.
You want a good example of a Challenging Lore according to your standards?
Phoebe’s 2,000 damage with Blade Rush Challenge.


As someone who plays mainly pvp, this mindset is dispicable to me. Why are you so hellbent on getting all the lorechallanges anyway when you’re not up for the task to complete them. I will never get the challanges for pve since it bores me to death. You don’t see me bother pve players with being afk or leaving matches when the wrong map shows up or whatever. Only a jerk would do that.