Oh are you for real

Her riptide also affect allied battleborn, so if you hit 1-5 enemies and 1-4 of your allies get the speed boost, it will count as long as 5 players are affected.


Thank the gearbox gods for that!

I don;t mind longer challenges, I’ve got three masters at the moment, Gal, Thorn and Pheobe and OM with only 5 matches with montana to go which i could do anytime i want with my partner.

I get why people are annoyed, a support with kill x amount seems off to me, if it was “assist” id have no complaints. But the lore challenges are ment to take time. Phoebe was stupidly easy to finish (with the exception of her 2000 which requires actually going to a certain map to do ) Longer it takes the more you feel accomplished.

I don’t think anyone here was upset just over some flavor text. When people talk about lore challenges, it’s almost always in the context of getting 100% on the character and getting that legendary. If we want to continue your checkers and chess analogy, it’s like being able to start with a second queen in chess…but only if you manage to beat a master of checkers first.

But at least you admit there’s a flaw in the system, now.

No, Checkers and Chess doesn’t apply here.
I’m telling you strait up, in no uncertain terms:
The amount of Ambras is too damn low.

The fact you can’t go outside of Checkers and Chess and you want to keep going back to the analogy shows that you want me to think about this as us and them.
You are seeing the game as a PvP or PvE.
You are seeing this as the Gud and the Git Gud.
You may not think you’ve bought into it.
You may think you’re only for it when it applies to challenges.
But make no mistake, you are quite clearly making this a Git Gud scenario.

Here’s a Challenge for you then, an exercise in autonomy.
Play as nothing but Ambra in PvP for a month.
Be part of the solution instead of part of a mentality.
And then, when you’re sick of playing as Ambra, think to yourself, “Maybe this was a poorly designed check box instead of a real challenge”


I agree otsuexodus, the whole kill X battleborn a Y amount of times is ridiculous, ESPECIALLY Alani having to kill Ambra, she is a support character and a healer, if it is ok for her to have to kill Ambra 25 times, then why does Ambra not have to kill Galilea 25 times? The reason is, that is ludicrous! Her hit 5 battleborn with riptide 50 times will be challenging and time consuming but not impossible, but making her have to kill a certain character 25 times is just too over the top.

Hey, you never tried to leave the analogy, you engaged in it and I answered that engagement. So I don’t “go back” to it, we never left it.


since we’re talking about a challange, yes.

And you may think you know me, but you don’t. Here’s proof I generally don’t support the git gud mentality: So did my first rage quit on a team (rant)

You’re the one with the problem. Since I don’t see one I don’t see any reason to be part of your solution.

i dont see how its possible to “git gud” when gitting gud requires other people to do specific things you have almost no control over it now if you find one then git gud and kill them a bunch of times :stuck_out_tongue:

Enough. I think everyone needs to take a step back and breath.

Not a suggestion. A request.


How about just play the game and use the fetch when you can? Why focus solely on that and ruin the experience of everyone else in your team if you’re not trying to win the match?

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It’s called patience. “I want it and I want it now!” is not a good mentality to have when trying to tackle any sort of challange. I get where the mentality comes from, the legendary gear behind the challenges. You guys (in my view) are making a problem out of something where there is none and are ignoring the real problem.

since the other guy asked us to stop this will be my last comment here,but i understand and agree with you there i just wish i had more control so it would be more skilled based rather than. hey hey hey i just wasted 5 hours not haveing fun trying to do a challenge. well i enjoy pvp but im speaking from the perspective of someone who doesnt.

Because I don’t have fun in that game. In cases where it’s, say, Attikus needing a win on Echelon, or Kleese just needing to be played on a map once, I don’t mind giving it a good go for the sake of everyone else. In cases like Shayne and Kelvin, though, my progress bar is incremented by an arbitrary action that I take during the match that has no real bearing on if I win or not. Because I don’t want to be there, my main goal is to progress that bar as quickly as possible so I don’t have to do it again. The more I concentrate on the objective, the sooner I can get out of there.

It’s not like I haven’t tried the PvP and tried to have legit fun with it. I never said I was good at PvP in shooters, I definitely am not. My experience trying to play Kelvin “normally” in PvP maps was horrible, and I still have 0/25 on his Subliminate challenge to show for it. If you’re the kind of person that can just bounce back from face-stomps or are just good at PvP shooters, I am happy for you. I mean that with every ounce of sincerity I can muster. I am not that person, and I never pretended to be. That is why I stick with coop, where I actually perform well.


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

You don’t want to see it, you don’t want to hear it, why are you still talking?

Help people have fun playing a game and be productive, or stop wasting space in a thread.

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I’m just gunna toss a hypothetical flip-side scenario out there for those who don’t understand where the other side is coming from(strictly-pvp players, etc), and see what you think;

What if a character you played had a lore challenge about beating a certain episode in a short amount of time with 5 players? For one, you’d have to hope one of your three choices was the appropriate episode and then you’d need the majority to pick that same one (with your fingers crossed that no one quits or disconnects). On top of that, you’ll still need to complete it in the allotted time, just to make a measly one out of x-amount done.

Now imagine that scenario 15 times, but that 75% of the time you attempt the challenge something goes wrong ie. stage isn’t picked, players leave, time exceeds the limit due to lag or something beyond your control. While I’m pointing this out, it’s fair to state that you’d likely become part of the queue that ditches at the character selection screen because of insufficient players or if the incorrect episode is picked. Why would you play something you didn’t intend to or waste time when you’re not doing what you set out to do, right? That’s easily 20-30 minutes gone to part of the game you don’t even find joy in.

But after all of that, despite the annoying difficulties behind each technical aspect to completing this hypothetical challenge, you’re literally only subjecting yourself to this for the sake of completing your favorite character’s lore. That’s it.

Would anyone really be okay with something like that? Wouldn’t you rather have separate, viable options to complete the same challenge so that both player-bases could be happy?


Ok, I understand where you’re coming from, but the person who always says to themself, I’ll never be good at X or Y and that’s a fact, has no room for improvement because they are there own worst enemy. Practice makes perfect. Lore challenges are exactly that, “challenges” I understand there’s gear locked behind them, but once you get it completed don’t you want to feel s sense of accomplishment? Like, I overcame X obstacle and now I have Y too show for it.

This is an open forum, I can engage in a discussion and share my point of view if I choose to. If I’m wasting space, ignore me, don’t put oil on the fire by engaging with me.

Are you kidding me?
Your refusal to let it go is gold!
If we keep it up long enough, maybe even mods will come here and liven up the place.
At least they’ll have to review the thread and go, “You think we need to change this Lore Challenge?”

A few moments after @Kitty_Jo made a request for respectful conversation, and it is wholly ignored?

Thread closed. Action to follow.