Oh, Borderlands

I am very disappointed so far. I have loved this series, even the lazily thrown together pre-sequel.
For BL3;
Your month celebration with Twitch was a consistent bust for me.
Don’t get me started on Maliwan Takedown- terrible execution, and you guys still can’t figure out how to fix it. We can’t figure out how to even access it, it’s on permanent lockdown…go figure.
Poor matchmaking- since the first borderlands.

Halloween event- what the hell was that? Your worst expansion/event to date.

You made drastic changes to the character layout in the storyline. It does not seem worth it. All I am is sad playing this game.

I still havnt gotten my dino pal to use with Flak ( if this isn’t going to be a change, change your mind on that immediately. ).
Finish fixing characters.

I almost never buy pre-order, ever. Thanks for confirming why I will never pre order a game again. I’ll go back to my policy of not buying a game until they are half the release price. At least then, usually, there is a more complete product.

I’m worried you all peaked with Tiny Tinas expansion in BL2. That would be a shame.

I’ve had to buy other older games to make up for my disgust in purchasing and deaIing with this game.
I’ve played those games before, and it is still more rewarding in most ways than playing BL3. I hate to have to say that.

Get in order, Gearbox. Your ruining a franchise.


Yep, this is Borderlands going the corporate way. You’re not alone on this one.

So, given that so far you were unable to access it (I believe it only becomes available after you finished the main story - did you?) - where does ‘terrible execution’ feedback and desire for fixes come from?

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I agree that the writing feels oversimplified, doesnt develop characters well, and fails to live up to a prior-better version of borderlands style storytelling. It leans too heavily on a misunderstanding of the James Gunn style storytelling, and worse, it interprets the every single borderlands 2 character in a shallow, 3rd graderey kinda way (e.g. The Moxxi innuendo is too heavy handed without any of the nuance, Tina is simply a shallow idiot, and no longer fronting for deeper emotions, etc).

But i wholeheartedly disagree that the overall game is a fail. I’ve put hundreds of hours into this game over the last few months and absolutely love it. In spite of the character limitations, they’re far beyond anything that Borderlands 2 or 1 offered, the gameplay is much more elastic and engaging, and the overall experience is better.

Do i want to see improvements? of course! glitches and blue screens suck, maliwan takedown loot drops are too light, Ava…exists…, there are tons of things that need changing, but in the end, as a core fan, i endure them because I love the franchise and the game so much. I’ll happily preorder the next game because I trust the dev team in spite of the bullcrap opening this game had simply for those reasons i love it so much. Here’s to further improvements and exciting changes in the future :clinking_glasses:


Is that why they added a new location in the Halloween event and the Takedown for free? Why there are no microtransactions? No day 1 DLC? BL2 had its first paid DLC (Gaige) 3 weeks after release actually…

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Nope. It’s the safer bet , no innovations. To be honest i don’t care if Borderlands 3 have microtransanctions, it’s bad enough.

It came from the fact that my characters, at that time, and those that were fully leveled up could not get any access to maliwan. Bother criteria were met, and no access. This has since been resolved.