Oh.... I get it now

The designer’s cut and the director cut. I get the names now

Designer’s cut:. What the BL3 game designers decided to cut from base game so they could make players pay for it later

Director’s cut:. What the BL3 game directors ordered to be cut from the base game so they could make players pay for it later.

Nice one Gearbox… Thanks for letting us know you held back content that should have been in base game and then sold it as “Season 2”


The skill trees where planned to be payed content from the start…

SP2 has no value for me… And that’s why i didn’t get it…

Only way i would get it would be for free…

And the dickmove that is dropping DLC anoinments without owning it got me to just stop playing…

IMHO the worst game in the franchise… Improvements are not enough to save this turd. And needs a lot of patches and changes to actually call this a good game.



Though I don’t think Arms Race, 4th skill tree and whatever will be in “Director’s” cut was something that was cut out of the main game. To me it looks like something that was quickly concocted and cobbled together.



The “content” of this season pass is so shallow (considering the price), that I don´t care if it was actually cut form the main game or quickly improvised.

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Honestly wouldn’t be surprised at this point if GBX started including game fixes in DLC/Season Passes.

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Reminds me of something. Take a look at 1:36 of the Borderlands 3 trailer:

Now think of the Krieg DLC


If you don’t wish to pay for it, you could just wait for a version that would include everything. Like they did with BL2. :man_shrugging:t2: