Oh. My. Glob. Reyna is bae!


DISCLAIMER: I hate the word bae. I’ve used it in sarcastic irony, and now hate myself for having said (typed?) it twice. My apologies.

Now, to my point… I’ve been having a rough time with a long losing streak. More often than not, at the hands of Reyna & (x) combos. I’ve wanted to vent about how stupidly OP she is, even though I’m well aware that it’s just me being a salty bitch. On top of this, I like playing characters that offer some sort of support to my team mates. Miko didn’t gel with me, Alani is better post nerf but still dramatic getting the heals on target. Kleese is fun for a change.

So here I am trying to find a new character to master, salty af with reyna, and wanting a support. So I’m like, “■■■■ it, I’ll try to stupid OP character and ruin everyone else’s lives!!” (well not that dramatic, but you get the idea). I specced almost exclusively into the left tree coz buffing her damage output isn’t worth much from what I’ve seen so far. Gave her a 0 cost shard gen, cd reduc, and +max health with some attack damage. I didn’t win the k/d game (not that I ever do!) but I spammed that priority target w/slow and shield booster until they surrendered about 10 minutes in.

If you haven’t given this lady a decent go, I highly recommend you do!

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Reyna is love! :heart: Can´t even recall how often this woman safed my fourarmed Orendi-butt in battle^^

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Every time I used shield booster it’s like giving my team mates a virtual big warm purple hug :blush:

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Hehe^^ My fiance mastered her first while I maxed out my Orendi - its such a badass team!
She´ll be the first support I´ll try when my Phoebe is mastered, Reyna just seems more vesatile/usefull than other supports. And Ambra, really want to give her a try too.

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Orendi with her mobility and skill spam/damage is a force in her own right. Coupling that with Reyna is just cruel :joy:

I tried Ambra a few weeks back and couldn’t get a rhythm going. I have been on the receiving end of several good Ambra’s though so I know she’s got the moves. The scariest enemy player I have played against was an Ambra; I was OM and I would just about crap myself every time I saw her… couldn’t put her down all game and man, did she make me hurt…!

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I actually never played reyna but i’m looking to do that after I finish mastering kleese(already mastered ambra) so hopefully i’ll be able to support in almost any setup

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Not big on playing healer/support classes myself, but Reyna’s Super Saiyan taunt has made me want to play her all on its own lol


I’ve never been big on them either. She really doesn’t play like a conventional support though from my perspective. Priority target with slow is great. Focus on +health and +shield helices on top of the overshield and you can genuinely save your team mates and turn the tide of the battle in the blink of an eye!

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I rarely run support in this game but sometimes no one else is willing to either so Im forced to. My God did I hate every single healer/support player I tried. Then came Reyna, that big beautiful rogue. I have so much fun playing as her she is versatile af. Just glad to see Reyna getting some love now that the Alani craze has been curbed.

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Try this build, its easy to play and effective af!
Just mind that i ignore her slow capabilitys, its handy yes, but lets be honest, nearly every other hero i play with can either stun or slow, so i did a focus-supporter-damage-buff-save-your-sorry-ass-build, my mates are thorn/galilea and alani/OM, just always stay behind melees, about 15 to 20 meters, as soon as your melee engages an enemy, give him an overshield (damage boost +16%), prio on the enemy (+32% dmg) blast your homing pulse cannon (+18% dmg) until it overheats, your lasergun will deal additional +50% dmg as long as your pulse cannon is overheatet, practice this a bit and with a compatible teammate you can clear and hold a whole lane with 2 players, boost yozr overshield in capacity and duration to keep the overshield damage boost alive, trough helix you’ll stretch the active time to 14 seconds, which means you and your mate have constant overshield and a damage boost