Oh now that's just cruel

It it just me, or is anyone else just a little bit salty about Moze getting Rick Rolled with the 4th skill tree? Where is our splash damage reduction? What’s all this status effect garbage? I really hope it’s better than it looks on paper.



Seems useful for pilot builds as Fire in the Skag Den applies Status Effect with splash Hard Points.

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Lol, yea. I can see it being a useful skill. I was just talking about the name of it.

If Moze is out and IB is out as well, how does the extra fuel help?

Edit: Do they mean IC?

Iron Cub uses fuel but less of it than Bear

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A lot of the new skills say “Iron Bear” when they are referring to Iron Cub.

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I think a lot of skills are made in a way that affects both.


All skills that affect Iron Bear also affect Iron Cub.


Well, I hope this is true.

Honestly, I was on the fence with further purchases in this franchise, and this seals the deal. It’s a NO from me. If I wanted to play a pet character I would have picked Flak.
New tree is pretty much “Status effects are better.” That’s it.
It does not introduce variety to gameplay, does not define any play style and is out of character for Moze.
Not saying It wont work, just that there is imo no fun what so ever in the new tree and it’s a very lazy addition to the game.


Right. Moze really only has fire (and rad kinda). So she’s being pidgin holed into more fire damage which is really limiting with 90% of the enemies having shields and/or armor. If she had some way of ignoring element matching it would be great, but no, Amara got that one.


she definitely still needs rework for her other trees
i am not going to spec much into this one
just getting the cub and 1 augment i guess
maybe not even^^

I’m really not impressed with the new skill tree. The videos showing it off are horrible, one video showed Iron Cub barely being able to kill a basic foot soldier on Athenas.

Why would I pay for this


for ASA anointments :v

As of now, IC is overly underwhelming. GBX will fix the IC scaling before Nov 10th and possibly buff this tree.

At least that’s what I am hoping.

But here’s the thing, even before these streamers started showing the skills today, it’s quite apparent GBX failed to test these trees in M10.

joltz also said that IC does not use a lot of IB buffs in the other trees

Exactly This.

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