Oh,where i can find my pre-order gift and super Deluxe Edition gift

i have been checked my mailbox,but i can see nothing。maybe my network is not good?i find fl4k’s painting named rossbones…?only once。then i can’t link the server.sorry my English is too bad。i wish someone can understand

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Same here. I’m not seeing all the skins for pre order or super deluxe edition. I have the Conventional Reppin’ skin and the Butt Stallion weapon skin, nothing else.

Same thing with me, I had a few things but I don’t have any of the character’s red retro looking skins, which I really wanted cause it turns Arma hair red.

Did you guys activate all the items in the in-game mail system? you need to have it loaded to see them.

I’m wondering if the items will always be locked at level 10 or if you wait to activate them will they be the level of your character, can anyone test that? I haven’t linked my shift account yet just in case the items do scale.

level is nothing to do with unlock.

How did you manage that? I loaded the game and it automatically linked my account - I didn’t need to program the game to do it. Hmmm… probably from the SHIFT site, right?

I RE-installed them from the Xbox store but can’t seem to get the button stallion grenade even though I have the skins

I also have not received any of my Pre order deluxe items. Please fix Gearbox. GT Rambolani on Xbox.

I’m on PC, not sure why it didnt autolog me in.

I can only speak for Xbox one. Go to the Xbox store, go to the version you purchased. In my case I purchased the super deluxe. When you go to the product page in the store it will show you “included in this bundle” or something like that. You need to select each one and tell it to download it. That’s what I had to do anyway. All of the extras I had to install manually from this menu. Then check your mailbox under the social menu and you should see everything there waiting to be redeemed.

Hope that helps!


The pre-order bonuses are different from the VIP rewards. We may receive them at a later date.

According to SHIFT, “look for these items to appear in the Player Mail (and at the current level) of the first character you load after unlocking this.”

I have accepted the deluxe contenr in my in-game mail box but i am.not reciving anything!

I installed it all on my Xbox and got my skins but never got my gold keys! And on top of that it still gives me the option to buy the season pass even though it was supposed to be included in the super deluxe edition?? I’m going to be pretty upset if I paid all the extra money and I don’t get the season pass and keys.

Has anyone figured this out? I got my weapon bonuses from VIP and I got my weapon trinket (just one), but my character skins and gun skins are missing, even after reading all mail. Basically, all the extra stuff I was supposed to get for ordering the Collectors Edition, I don’t have. Waiting to see if I get it after arriving on Sanctuary, but considering I have some other things already, I doubt thats the solution.

Also, I got a SHIFT Code for BL3 with my game, presumably to unlock stuff, and it doesn’t work. Won’t even let me click submit

What level is your character? It might only show up once you reach level 10.

Okay, so I am ■■■■■■■■, and the code was not a Shift code, but an Xbox store code. To anyone having issues with missing bonus stuff on Xbox, you need to redeem/download it from Xbox store. I got it now