Oh ya... Now I remember

I came back for DLC 4 and enjoyed it and am started to get back into the game again after a long break… So started farming… Then I ran into something I forgot about…ANNOINTED

I have been playing mostly DLC and such, going back to Base content and found ANNOINTED again. These are the most annoying and unfun things in the game. The constant teleporting, immunity phases… death orbs… Cryo resistant and the rewards for killing them are awful. I’d rather play the game with Ava attached at my hip commenting on everything I do then have to play the game with ANNOINTED. They aren’t hard… they arent fun … They just waste your ■■■■■■■ time…

…end rant

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:slight_smile: bro I run around Mayhem 10 popping things apart with various tools and surprisingly there is not an anointed that can now toe to toe with a Nukem Iron Bear… My point though, this is in regards to the tools - my dood there’s some snazzy dps to be found and I can only think of Demon Skag that could take it standing :slight_smile:

Keep hunting, you’ll overwhelm them in time (sic loot pickups)

Which is a beautiful thing

My guess is your loadout isn’t probably that strong enough to melt anointed enemies. I just started playing again 2 days ago after being away from the game for more than 3 months. I did a run in Trial of Fervor M10. I didn’t even notice the difference between anointed and normal enemies. They just all died with my Moze.

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You have a dark, dark sense of humour. shudder


I hope this doesn’t give Gearbox any ideas.

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