Ok fanmade stories

Now I understand mellka can be direct, but why do the fanmade stories make her such an ass, seriously she is more of an ■■■■■■ than benedict in them

I think it’s because Benedict is arrogant, but he’s also pretty chill and friendly sometimes. Mellka can also be funny and friendly, but she is really arrogant, loud and in-your-face angry all of the time.

Because the majority of fanfiction tends to exaggerate a surface reading of a character, I suppose. The only Mellka fanfiction I’ve glanced at was a piece on these forums, and she was entirely unrecognizable…

No she ain’t, and benedict is specifically called an ■■■■■■ and hated by all the characters, mellka is not that bad, she is not that arrogant and not a loudmouth and caring

I agree, some get it right, I don’t know why but benedict is always done REALLY good with depth

Funny, I haven’t seen that side of her really. I haven’t got much of her lore done, but I should probably get around to grinding it out. Does she have any dialogue that kinda shows her being nicer?

Ghalt, thorn, boldur and lore audio log, plus she is more humorous and less an ass, benedict is humorous more more an ■■■■■■, basically read fanfic with her and compare to ingame dialogue

Arrogant and loud? We are speaking of Thorn, right?

Mellka’s softer side isn’t so much a matter of explicit “nice” dialogue, but is implicit in the way other characters relate to her. Her exchanges with Ghalt and Boldur, for example, convey a rapport that wouldn’t be possible if she didn’t have a warmer side. There are moments where Mellka talks about the Eldrid in which she gets distant and sentimental, but it’s the way she’s situated among the cast (brash, brave, passionate, committed) that suggests a good heart and a quick temper, rather than an elven Benedict

Ick…Fanfiction…Ruining favorite characters of mine since…Forever.

Its always interesting to see how different people perceive characters though.


I haven’t really read much fanfiction of her either. I don’t remember her quotes upon spotting Boldur or Ghalt, and the only quote I’ve heard from her upon spotting Thorn is something along the lines of challenging her to spar, which I guess could be interpreted both ways.

@epicender584 Haha yeah, Thorn is kind of angry and full of her self a lot of the time =D

I’m gonna go ahead and use the line involving the phrase “Unf*cking the Eldrid”, which did not sound sentimental and distant at all. But I take your point - her line at the end of The Archive certainly does show her more peaceful side.

An issue I have with fanfiction is that many (not all) fanfic writers have favorite characters from that franchise, and their fanfic pieces are specifically devoted to those characters; this can be at the expense of the dynamics that might be derived from a broader appreciation of ensemble cast writing.

That’s one reason why secondary characters in fanfics often read like cardboard cutouts.

She’s talking to Kleese and Deande, who get her blood boiling. When she’s talking to herself (“This is for Codex, and everything we’ve lost”), she’s more reflective. Which is what you’d expect from a developed character, but which can be missed in surface readings…

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Yeah, she is angry all of the time, but at least it’s vengeful, reasonable anger with an actual purpose. Not Thorn’s constant screaming.

Gah, @dwarfurious is rubbing off on me.

I’m hoping for deviant art to use a deathbattle with battleborn, most of the time (believe it or not) are REALLY well done and the characters are given depth

I feel like in the Canon, thorn will go through something showing all the suffering she has caused with her rage, both to the evil and innocent, because in a way, she is just as bad as marquis

I don’t recall her actually malevolently hurting innocent people, but she is certainly a fair bit crueler than she needs to be. Not like Marquis though, because Marquis is technically completely insane.

Leaked concept art for @EdenSophia 's upcoming fanfic novel “Mellka and Me”.


I don’t want it to sound like I’m anti-fanfic or anything. I ran a (very small) creative writing workshop this year for young writers, and most of them had been writing fanfic almost exclusively. It was great in a sense - lots of passion for writing and a developed foundation - but it had given them apprehensions about original character development, because so much of their past writing was effectively done in tribute.

I totally understand the appeal though (I mean, I’m known to write as the Battleborn from time to time!)


At first I thought the little bearded guy was over exaggerating and possibly wrong. Now I’m cheering against Thorn with him. (When you play her look at the weird flicking thing her hand does when sprinting. It ruined her for me for a good two weeks or so.)

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