Ok Gearbox make the DLC worth it

So I love the Campaign in story at least and Battleborn as a whole. The PvP has some balancing issues to be addressed, but that is all fine and dandy its gonna happen.

When it comes to the campaign loved the story as I have said, but I hate the campaign. It really is a bunch of defense horde missions. a few of them are nice and was happy about it for mission 3 but then it was every mission there on in. It was boring and wasn’t a fan. More missions like the first 2 should be in the game and if you wanted to push horde on us so much why not give us a horde mode or something, Without having to defend a Objective. Personally I was happy enough with it still until the last mission when the Final Boss was just so spammy and repetitive wasn’t even a Challenge.

So pls when/if you add DLC Campaign missions make them something other than horde mode defense missions.


I really hope the DLC is more like the first mission The Algorithm. Travelling from area to area fighting bosses and mini-bosses. Collecting lots of items along the way. No Tower Defense portions.


Agree, pretty please less of the defense, teams are really starting to annoy me on those.

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Yes either Algorithim style or something new i have the season pass i just dont want to feel like i wasted money on something i wont enjoy. Defense missions are fine and dandy for a couple missions but not good for most of the game.

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Totally agree with you mate

Do you think the borderland characters will ever make into it DLC for battleborn? You know after they have had the game out for years. I can just imagine them entering a vault and getting teleported into this galaxy lol

I’m not overly impressed with how the campaign played out. The story was little more than a cut scene into and ending and most missions felt like continuous pvp maps. I honestly don’t even feel that interested in replaying the levels. I’ve never been big on pvp so I really bought this with the impression that there was a real story driven campaign. They’d better bring their A game with the DLC

He’ll be in there Butt Slamming!
Krieg’s skill in Battleborn will be a hulk that bounces off everything and Slams!! :slight_smile:

No I am almost positive that the Vault Hunters will not appear in Battleborn.

and I never saw the ending cutscene because game crashed right as it started still got gold on it though.

Definitely don’t need a fourth defend the point against the waves, or a third protect the sentry.

I enjoy all the levels immensely, but agree more like algorithm would be awesome. That is my go to level because of all the bosses, makes for fun fights.

Yeah, the repetitive defense missions are really frustrating. It’s just not fun having so many in such a short campaign.

I also agree about the story, it’s a little lacking and really isn’t anything outside of the opening prologue/ending. It’d be great if the DLC gets creative and gives us something new and something a bit more story-focused. The prologue gives us a cool premise, but the individual missions don’t really capitalize on it since they’re mostly defense or escort missions.

Agree. Please reduce or even drop the “protect” missions aka “horde mode defense” missions.

Would love to see them to copy destiny with the strikes and raids types.

I really hope that most, if not all, of the DLC missions will be raid types, like The Algorithm and The Sentinel. (Though the traps can be tricky) The Void’s Edge was okay too, since the Wolf had upgradable turrets, a shield and his healing field also repaired him. The Heliophage was also cool - the rush for the boss is a neat idea. The boss fight itself could do with some revisions, though…

Honestly, I just want more of the Anime cutscenes/cutscenes in general, so more like the awesome Prologue mission. I’d find it a little hard to imagine they won’t be doing more for the DLC missions, but I’m still extremely hopeful to see more Animoo

Anything from destiny would be a bad idea. They game and all content was mediocre at best. With that said I am sick of the defense horde missions but having a actually horde mode that you and friends can see how long you can survive would be fun. Missions like The Algorithm are personally the best option here either that or something new in general. Raid style missions like Destiny are personally a waste of time and are not fun I feel like gearbox could make that general idea and make it better though.

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