OK, I am "getting the hang" of BL3

(Using PS4 Pro)
Slowly, I am playing through all four characters. I haven’t finished the game YET, but I going through it. As with BL2, it is taking me some time to get “good enough” to actually finish the first play through.

Actually, I just killed the {bad word} Anointed Goliath without dying even once with FL4K, although at one point, my shield was depleted and I had 3hp, nevertheless, I persevered .

Why do I have trouble?

I had a stroke in 2011, it has caused brain damage, and my gaming skills now suck… but I keep at it, and I am stubborn, and I WILL RULE THIS GAME… in the fullness of time.


I was definitely not prepared for the toughness of some of these bosses.

Never give up buddy…
There’s a PlayStation section on these fourms if your looking for help.
I’ve found some really solid people in this community.
I’m on Xbox one unfortunately or I would jump in and give you a hand if you needed one…

And if you ever find yourself getting down just ask yourself “what would Mr Torgue do in this situation?” USE MORE EXPLOSIONS!!!

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I’ll coop with you anytime if you need some help or just want to mess around. Ps4 honkeyconk

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See that’s what I’m talking about… There’s a lot of solid people in this community.
A +1 to you Sir.

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Thank you for your offer, but I always play alone (yes, I play with myself :D)
BL3 is going like BL1 and BL2,

fight, kill, die, respawn, repeat.

Because I am the epitome of stubbornness, when my characters kill these Calypso twins and send them straight to hell (well… I don’t do spoilers, so I have no idea how this will work out) I will do another normal mode, and do ALL of the missions/challenges.


Doing all 4 characters at once would drive me insane.

TBH you are better off finishing the game with one to unlock Guardian mode, so that your other characters can get buffs. Otherwise it seems like a waste of XP. Plus you could also hand down some gear to your other characters.

But do you I guess.

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Yeah. Definitely missing out on some guardian rank XP opportunity there. I would focus on your favorite VH to completion. Then before doing a second playthrough level up others if you want. I’m almost finished with my 3rd character playthrough.

My first was Fl4k and I got about 30% through TVHM before leveling others. Not sure if I will bother with a Zane playthrough. He doesn’t look all that interesting or strong tbh.

totally understand, the offer still stands anytime.

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