Ok I gotta know, what is your favorite gun and why?

I was playing today and picked up a legendary pistol that feels so good at M4 that I dropped Cap Haunt to M1 and smeared ratch blood all the way to the heck hole. It got me thinking, what is your favorite gun in BL3? No matter what difficulty, what do you pick up and giggle while creating the apocalypse?

Here is my pick.
It feels like a grenade launcher, but has the refinement of a fine fit and finish that is expected from Torgue. The explosion from every trigger pull feels purposeful. With the follow up shots, the resulting crater glows toasty warm, and even hotter if I was standing too close. The final aroma carries top notes of lead, charred flesh and a hint of light metallic overtones. Always a pleasure for a refined Vault Hunter.

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It’s changed since I’ve been playing, and I’m sure it’ll change again, but I love me some beam weapons, especially the alien-barreled assault rifles (though Maliwan’s got some great ones too). This is one I just happen to be using at the moment, but I have a soft spot for the Vladof radiation one.


my ase 50% electric maggie, it takes like no guff

I love the laser sploder rifles. The rad one is so satisfying.

Lol no guff lol

The Companion is GREAT for my FL4k even though currently running a Maggie. Hellwalker is a BEAST. I like Jakobs a lot. I just wish there was some semi-auto pistols that made me think of BL’s equivalent to a Desert Eagle or 1911 that don’t have a ton of “Tacticool” junk thrown up on it like seemingly ALL of Dahl’s pistols do now.

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Do these have a sticky mode, I’ve found tons of alien ARs but not a torgue version?

Only thing I’ve seen like it is the fearmonger shotguns. They are sticky.


There’s no alt fire on the Torgue ones, though the Vladof ones do (grenades, launchers on mine anyway).

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Didn’t think so but just wanted to know, thanks a lot. Btw I had a COV fire one that was great but man it ate the ammo! Lol

I just got a purple COV radiation one… been waiting for one of these for days for my allegiance FL4K. We’ll see if this has any effect besides ‘beam’.

I’m kind of partial to the Altus ce q assault rifle.

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Q was my go to all the way to M2. Great workhorse. A carrier is insane fun.


I love my Bekah! It never leaves my loadout.


Really? Mines stuck on a mule somewhere. Never got used to it.

I love that Devastator too, use it as a Badass killer.

Gotta say incendiary lasersploder is pretty dope, but mine has to be tsunami.

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Yeah. Q is one of my absolute favs. Her name is Vera. Ha.

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Currently loving the Call Pistols. The Lights as the ricochets travel. The smug feeling of knowing my good shot was rewarded. The fact that I know they’re not great unless you really work on that snap crit game.

The life steal.

The fact that they just look and feel like badass tools granted by the ancients. They’re just so fun for me.

Those are dope. Didn’t work well for me with Moze, but twas fun shooting it.

Been using the Pent up alchemist lately. Torgue gets a bad rap for AR. It’s like sticking mines on a bunch of different peeps, reload is the trigger and health bars disappear… Sexy…

Oh. I have a double pen Alchemist with Badass/Boss anointment ASE that is my mindsweeper Moze’s Graveward piñata bat!