Ok I know this probably isn't the right spot for this but

The internet brings every one together as just people what is your favourite thing about our collective internet culture that transcends stupid petty colour sex political beliefs and so on mine is how we seem to have all agreed to care about each other when it comes to spoilers


because there arent really different opinions on spoilers
everyone hates them


But this shows that rather than be trolls or try to bugger over our fellow man we have all come together in agreement forget silly differences forget being jerks we all decide to help each and one another preserve movie endings

But is there nothing positive about our worldly internet culture you love?

I don’t… very few things have such a surprise that I’m usually looking at the spoilers without issue and without diminishing the game/movie/whatever. The things that I would consider something that shouldn’t be spoiled are almost never the things people are talking about anyway. I do, however, fully respect the spoiler process, and will avoid spoiling things for others as I can.

But why again this thread isn’t about spoilers lol its about internet culture spoilers where my example online our skin sex and so on don’t matter thus why I asked what does every one else find positive about essentially collective humanity lol


Sorry I get that this isn’t probably the right place but I did put it here for a reason while I myself have added to the negativity I wanted some thing we could all just think about and find humanity and joy in lol

oh, now i got the question
hm, i dont know
i like the language, emotes, memes, etc.
its a humor that not everyone understands and i can just read random chats and lose my sht

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Pet and baby videos. Those are always nice, especially when they are together.


Also please gearbox staff I know you have every right and there is nothing wrong with you moving this topic but please if it’s OK let it stay here let’s have people just forget silly things and think about the joy we all find together in this topic please if that’s ok I completely understand if you have to move it mind you

i think it belongs in offtopic

I know you are completely correct but I posted this here to bring some positivity to the current gloom of the bl3 forums so I am hoping they maybe let it slide just a hope lol

Because no matter our skin colour sexual preference political beliefs we all see that and relate we forget the pettiness:)

Not that I don’t get your vibe, but the beef on these forums tends to mainly be over opinions on game balance, nothing as serious as politics or race. A little positivity is nice and I won’t begrudge or try to shoo away any attempt to bring it in, but I guess I don’t think forum drama on a game forum is so serious that it should need this kind of thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t ever care about spoilers :slight_smile: I do however have enough respect for other people to avoid posting them.

My favorite thing about internet culture is because of the internet gamers have become mainstream and are no longer really shunned in society. 20 years ago you would never mention computer gaming as a hobby in a job interview but these days it can actually be a good way to connect with your interviewer.

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But why though who cares be a jerk these people will never see you but that’s the cool thing we just have an amazing commen curtsy that crosses from Australian to American to Muslim to Chinese to Italian and so like I said no matter the differences in our countries we all come together is that not honestly amazing in its own right

It’s really just a reflection of humanity in general. It’s hard to see it sometimes because the worst people are the loudest and stand out the most, but really a majority of people are good and caring.

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It helps that the internet breaks alot of barriers though too like right now you and I just treat each other like people we have no idea about any of my previously stated things that’s kinda cool

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I had two major plot points of BL3 spoiled by people who didn’t realize No Spoilers meant more than saying exactly what happens, in context.

So for me, internet culture is the same as all culture, not everyone understands the logic or norms/ morality of the culture the same way, and there are subcultures that reflect opposing cultural values, so it’s best for me to take each interaction on a case-by-case basis.

Moderating a stream chat or comment section usually does a good job of showing how many people carry their prejudices online with them, and unfortunately that they often find solidarity when doing so.

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