Ok, I'll bite, why

Is Montana still hitting me with a Lumberjack Dash when I’m clearly hitting him with a Catalytic Smash with silence in his wind-up before the dash and literally while he’s dashing but I can clearly take him out of the dash before he hits me but still does anyway.

You might say I’m imagining it but two game against a Monty that this happens multiple times, @blainebrossart1 and @HandsomeCam as you’re the only two people that play Rath that I know, have you encounter this?

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No, but thanks for the warning. probably a glitch. Now that matchup is even MORE unbalanced, haha…

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I’ve had this happen to me more times than I can count. I’ve even been in the Montana’s perspective of this and all it does is silence you and let’s you complete the dash.


Take it it’s similar to this;

I can’t say, what stunned you there?

To the best of my knowledge this happens with the level 2 mutation: Lumberjack Blast. I think that if the dash gets to a certain point, the AoE Knockback will always go off even if Montana doesn’t finish the dash.


This is correct

The shockwave still forms and lingers? So even smashing him out with a silence would stop the physical dash,but not the shockwave from spawning? At least that’s what I’m thinking in my head. I have noticed priority when it comes to using certain CC against one another at “the same time”. Benedict’s Liftoff has much more priority over dashes (as an example). So it might be the priority that’s screwy instead of a glitch, though it being a glitch, knowing Battleborn, is more than likely the explanation.