Ok, Imagine This!

Every character from Overwatch has come to life and are killing everyone in sight, even their own community! Every type of law and military enforcement can’t stop them and their next target…is you. Luckily, only one of them is coming after you, but who is it going to be you ask? Well that depends on which BB character you chose to be your bodyguard. That’s right, you get to chose which one of the BB cast with protect you from their OW counterpart. You have one week to prepare or just chill with your bodyguard until they come for your head, who do you choose?

  • Caldarius :vs: McCree
  • Attikus :vs: Winston
  • Ambra :vs: Mercy
  • Deande :vs: Sombra
  • Reyna :vs: Zarya
  • Pendles :vs: Genji
  • Toby :vs: D. Va
  • Montana or Boldur :vs: Reinhardt
  • Oscar Mike or Whiskey Foxtrot :vs: Soldier 76
  • Benedict :vs: Pharah
  • Galilea :vs: Reaper
  • Ghalt :vs: Roadhog
  • Ernest :vs: Junkrat
  • Thorn :vs: Hanzo
  • Boldur :vs: Torbjörn
  • Kelvin :vs: Mei
  • Mellka :vs: Tracer
  • Alani :vs: Zenyatta
  • Marquis :vs: Widowmaker
  • Kleese :vs: Symmetra
  • ISIC :vs: Bastion
  • Kid Ultra :vs: Lucio

Btw, if you don’t know the abilities of the OW heroes, here’s a link to show you what you’d be up against. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/heroes/

Fairly certain Isic would just watch you die.

The entire time satirically throwing popcorn at the point in his faceplate where his mouth should be.


You…you forgot Orendi… I´m hurt…

And Rath. That will get fun -sharpens sword-


I’m going to have to go with Reyna on this one. Then i can just sit in her shield bubble and make offensive faces at my would-be assassin.

Also, free overshields!


Orendi doesn’t have an OW counterpart

I personally would have put Whiskey Foxtrot against S76, which would be interesting.

Also Ernest would completely destroy Junkrat. No contest.

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Whiskey Foxtrot.

Whiskey foxtrot, that cinematic may be crazy with 76, but you gotta remember, whiskey has more advanced (albeit ramshackle) weaponry, takes on people like rath, considered EXTREMELY dangerous by the UPR, and has crazy combat rhythm, 76 is outmatched in every way besides stability in sanity

Plus we don’t know how fast whiskey is

Last EDIT: to be honest battleborn characters outclass overwatch characters lore wise really


Lore wise all of the OW would die like instantly. Except maybe Winston, but thats debatable

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Kelvin and Mei would be interesting, but I feel like Kelvin would win simply because he’s close combat whereas Mei isn’t.

Side note: Galilea and Reaper? Yeah, good luck with that one. Gali, as much as I love her, wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

Winston would not, his armor tanks reapers guns

Galilea actually stomps reaper dude, battleborn characters are far more powerful

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Good for him, too bad Attikus doesn’t use Reapers guns


Are you sure you wanna do that? Cause when that shield goes down Zarya would beat your face in, unless Reyna beats hers first.

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I´m fine with that, shows how special the little chaos-leprechon is :heart:

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Reyna can deal bonus damage when she marks Zarya, and gets an overshield just for placing one on me. She’s the perfect bodyguard…


Lol, attikus guns thunder and lightning


Canonically Reyna drains others shields. Bye bye Zarya


Her plasma pulse drains shields.


Not all BB characters are stronger than OW characters lore-wise. Ghalt would get his sh*t rekt by Roadhog. S76 could probably rek OM and WF. Reaper would most likely destroy Gali. Junkrat has a chance against Ernest and Reinhardt could probably also rekt Montana.