Ok it might be just me but...no Lobby?

I know it’s beta but I can tell you one thing. In '99-2004 the one thing that kept WON competitive was the fact we had a lobby to talk poo to each other and make grudge matches outta chat. So many games are losing player base 'cause omg you jump into a place where games are up and omg choose one not knowing who the heck is on to begin with. Aside from marking games SLS vs. all comers etc… give us a chat lobby where we can see our clan mates on etc… did none of you guys ever see WON or the gamespy lobby in HW2? Or DoW40k? etc…etc… it just keeps competition fresh and gives more social to a somewhat social game.


I really hope the add the lobby. I know I speak for a lot when I say that the old HW2 community spent more time in the lobby than in games, its part of the experience!

It gets my vote for sure.

Really, no lobby? How do you find games? The multiplayer notepad feature of HW was one of the best parts!

I agree. We need a lobby.

No lobby no fun

I asked about this in the old forums and never got a response…conspiracy!

Yes you find games but as for seeing who is online nada no Lobby at all you can’t chat you can’t challenge a troll etc…etc…


The game is dependent upon it!

+1 vote for Lobby

This is funny, they said that there would be more multiplayer games in one night with the beta than they played in house the whole dev cycle. How is that supposed to happen when there is no lobby to talk with people so you can get a game started? All I get is a list of games up that don’t even tell me which ones are password protected so i am stuck checking each one one at a time. THEN the refresh kicks in and re-orders the page again. Hope they get this sorted soon…

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+1 for a lobby.

It’s good to know who’s online and people can talk to each other to get games set up (or just advertise a game).

The lobby helped make the community.


Aged you are so right. Cannot fathom why devs (not just these) always want to go this route now a days and then wonder 6 months from now why the online multi-player is dead. I can name a few recent ones in that place right now.

Agree. The multiplayer interface seems very sloppy and buggy right now. Hope there will be major improvements before most people lose interest.

Is Shift Killing us? Its like you out sourced what your baby’s face is gonna look like. And it looks like that guy Shift down the street. There is a Shiftiness to the whole thing.

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So I get into a a cough game 1vs1 on Shield where my opponent proceeds to build or research nothing and just watches me build and then says “oh gee I just wanted to see what to do” … really? Well I tell you I gave him an experience he won’t soon forget. Half way through he realizes that I am gonna swarm him bad and manages 12 scouts… 12, This could have been mostly avoided if he could have been in a chat lobby and asking for people to run him through the basics.

GBox in the interest of keeping this community growing and competitive far into the future ( i know it beta), clean this up and institute a chat lobby for multi-player.

Homeworld really needs a lobby. It’s important for organizing games and determining people’s skill level, seeing how many people are actually in the lobby at a given time (right now you can’t tell if the lobby is empty or not without hosting a game and having someone join it) and for keeping the small multiplayer community alive. I definitely agree with Mr Cowley, in Homeworld 2 the gamespy lobby is what kept the multiplayer alive for so long.

I spent many hours in the lobby of the previous games, it’s truly what shaped the community. Also, as the multiplayer is in beta, a lobby would help us discuss things there and a GBX official could (secretly?) monitor it to get ideas. Not everyone is going to use the forum.

why we need a lobby, and won’t stay without it.

  1. We need to connect with friends and clan members. the lobby is the first place you look to decide if you are even going to actually play. many of us like to play with friends and clan mates. no lobby makes this nearly impossible without the use of third party software.

  2. Clans cannot fight each other if we dont actually SEE each other. The lobby is the place where matches are decided.

  3. Players will work around this by hosting games that they wont launch, just to talk tactics and strategy, cluttering up the games list with games that will never launch.

  4. The lobby is where lots of magic happens. The dynamic of communication is what fuels the community and the game itself. a multiplayer game without a lobby is like a phone without a mic.

  5. Homeworld, cataclysm and hw2 ALL had lobbies… 10 years ago. hwr is supposed to be a step forward, not a step sideways. no lobby will kill multiplayer completely. many of us bought this strictly to re-live the magic we all once shared together long ago.


Beginning to wonder if GBox is still hung over from the release party or are they actually reading this stuff.

Well gear Box, we will not stop hounding you on this issue, A lobby is good for your health so get moving on it, please. By the way, well stated momoguru.