Ok it might be just me but...no Lobby?

Perhaps, but that’s no excuse not to have built a lobby, or am I being a bit harsh?

Im not gonna stop hounding for one and momo as usual is the voice of high intelligence.

Add me to the list, we need a lobby, communication is key for everything Multiplayer, not having it is like getting in a car and not having any fuel. Momo hit the nail on the head. I didn’t even log in for day 2 because there was no lobby. Now I log in and see 6 games, all with passwords and no way to communicate in order to join a match. All this work, All this money, and you shot yourself in the foot before you even started the race. Beta or not… communication is everything. BTW, the game is more mesmerizing than the first time I played HW. Cmon… show us that the community you were trying to bring back to life matters to you. Give us a lobby.---- ParmesanChiken

Has anything been said about the inclusion of a chat lobby? It is sorely needed.

+1 for lobby

Old HW2 player here. Chat lobby for me, as with others here, was absolutely integral to the experience. Would really appreciate it returning!

+1 for lobby

Don’t tell Gearbox, but meanwhile Steam chat function can fill your lobby needs.

Nope Steam chat is nowhere near sufficient.

We need a lobby. Where everybody enters, regardless of country, once they have signed in. The main screen is a chat lobby where people can ask for and arrange games. On the side of the lobby is the ‘games’ list option which you click on to see all games curently being hosted.

If this is impossbile or hard to create in 2015 i’d be very shocked.

I agree, lobby would be awesome. Also lets people create side channels for clans, recruiting etc and gives the players ways interact more with each other ^^

Highly doubtful if you were ever in WON you would understand or even HW2 gamespy. To be competitive and stuff like start wars with other Clans we need this with the games up list. I cannot see what any company that wants longevity in their games is thinking by not including one. There a couple RTS currently about 4 to 5 months old and dead as door nails for online games currently on steam.

Definitely need a lobby. +1

okay, so after some thought… logic has me thinking.

perhaps the reason we dont have a lobby right now is simple, the game server we are currently on will not be our final home. maybe gearbox has us set up on a temporary server for the testing and development of the beta. could be the service they are using atm is not setup for this, and since it is only a temporary thing, they didn’t bother trying to stick it in there since they already have the functionality and everything we want on another server that they are preparing. clearly it doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t put this in there, considering the hw2 engine they used already had this functionality.

so… i think, and hope,

we will have a normal lobby, they already have it setup up or in the process. since the lobby will be a separate, like the WON and Gamespy lobbies, we just have to wait a bit til things get moved to our permanent server home.

as a developer myself, i know how this goes. it is always better to HIDE a non working button, than to show it with a COMING SOON. players get all crazy reporting it as a bug and complaining its broken. i am thinking they may be doing the same thing here.

of course this is all just me speculating, but it somehow makes sense to me. can someone at gearbox confirm or deny this maybe?

We absolutely need a lobby.

With HW2, It was good to know who was actually hanging there for a game, now we don’t know even know how many people are there.

When the game ends, you cannot even talk about it, unless the people are in your steam friend list, you cannot even ask for another game! (or get in contact in case the game didn’t load, etc)

Could just be some sort of internal IRC room frontend just like GameSpy’s.

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You can imagine if GBox was sort of bragging on twitter about 100k copies sold so far , you can imagine how many people ‘might’ be out there looking for a game in multi. But you will never know cause you can’t see them… or they are leaving now cause they never get to play a darn game due to everyone of them being password protected, or crashing on load at least if a lobby had been included from the onset we could tell each other its not me making passwords or “here is the password” or please wait till everyone loads and we hit the field etc…etc… however we were never afforded that opportunity with a lobby kinda strange.

you know based on all this ■■■■■■■■ im glad my PC cant run it cause no lobby makes the game pointless, get off ur lazy butts and get a lobby working, i probably wont even mod this due to the fact that they lied about more than one core support as well for modders, gearbox is known for lying about products. Once i do get a working modern PC its off for Sins of a solar empire 2.

Let’s keep the thread civil, please.

+1 for lobby.

We do need it. It w ill help the community thrive.

Hmmm yes civil. Lobby please the sooner the better. :wink:

HEAR OUR CRIES! WE WANT A LOBBY! Thank you for listening gear box

You make a great point momoguru logically speaking, my take is to wait and see, it’s early, and as you know it’s buggy with many fixes to follow.

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