OK, killed Tyreen in TVHM

OK, I used Fl4k/Flack/Whatever in TVHM. I didn’t die. Actually, it was easier in TVHM than in Normal mode.

My level is now 64.

Question: Do I pick up some side-missions in the game, or should I get one more level to start the DLCs?

Yeah, I guess it is up to me, and I am intending to the to level 65 before I start the DLCs, but what do Y’all think?

{I lived in Tennessee for three years, which means I can use the term “Y’all” without embarrassment.}

Then when I finish the DLCs, I will start Mayhem Mode!

It s better to be max level before starting Dlc,so if you find a new weapon in dlc it will be max level

Max level is better. One wave of the slaughter should be enough to get you there.

Can you though? :laughing:

Seriously though - it’s only one level, and this’ll get you the story-mission weapons at 65.

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