Ok, losing EVERY MATCH no matter mode, is not fun

I’m now 4 and 20, and it’s starting to get annoying. I’m not the greatest player to ever play the game, but not the worst either. They need some sort of improvement in their matchmaking, because this is making me want to not play versus modes at all. Lost 20 in a row after winning my first 4. Just not fun like this. Seems like every match is a landslide.


On the bright side, you can now Blaze It.

What game mode are you playing? What platform?


PS-4. Capture, Incursion, Meltdown, it doesn’t matter. Been way ahead in a couple capture matches only to lose towards the end. Seems like I and the team I am on are always out matched.

Think my record is about the same.

Casual players like me who only have less than an hour per day to play and always go in solo will most likely always have records like that unfortunately.


I’m in the same boat as you. It’s like the high level/skilled(whatever) players kinda run the game right. Hmm sounds like a moba.


I beg to differ i always play solo and go with randoms and my record is 28 wins to 19 losses.

At least with Paragon there is a co-op vs. AI mode. It lets us mortals get some wins, experience and practice.

I have to agree with this guy the game has no sort of match making other then throwing people in a game me and my wife are what seems like facing full teams almost every game and on top of that it’ll put all low level like 1-5 on one team and 10-40 on the other I just had that happen last game I was in there is zero balancing to any part in this game

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Just not fun. I hope that they can figure out a way to fix it. Can’t have a good KD ratio either if I am always losing. Well I can, but it’s a lot harder. If they do what they said about basing more off KD ratio, casual people are hosed.

While there isn’t public matchmaking for AI matches, there is a private one. You can practice and gain experience there, though no possibility for challenge progress.

A lot of people have been hoping for a public vs AI mode though, so hopefully GBX will add it in later. A lot of people also wish that you could complete challenges against bots :slight_smile:


They are working on skill-based matchmaking. Just be patient.

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I guess you are having a much different/better experience my friend =).


Yeah, I’ll try to find a link. They are attempting a system similar to Halo 3’s matchmaking. Winning teams get points while losing teams lose points. If your team has a lower score and wins, you get a bonus amount of points for the win. Losing team loses more points. However, if your team has a lower score and loses, the loss of points will not be as substantial.

I win most my games solo. I lose when I play with my friends there’s 3 of us and 2 randoms and we always seem to get paired with groups of 5 who are 20 levels higher then us

You can fight against bots in practice mod in this game to get exp, even though it might be a small amount.

Soo I don’t win very often so that means this game sux? Interesting logic but just to throw some extra variables in there… I work FT and maybe play a couple of hours a day (maybe). And until like last night have only played with randos. I use multiple characters, and my wins to losses are pretty even. All this talk about KD score and etc is pointless. Example: Take Mellka, she is not meant to be a damager she’s an opportunist. Should her deaths be low sure but even if you only got 2 kills that match it doesnt matter. Its her assist that should be sky high. Thats her job. Every character has a role and the key to winning matches is everyone knowing their role. “Galilea keeps eating my Calverius thats why I keep losing” is silly…its not always the game it could be your technique.

Now having said that…the game does have some issues that Im sure the devs are addressing. Hang in there BBorn!


No one said the game is bad because they are losing. And no one asked how to use a certain character a certain way, or how to play a game based on the type of job you have. People were just pointing out that the matchmaking is very off. Yes the game is new, but players should still want deserve better out of a game that they want to support, even at launch.


Plus one to relevance. I’m having a similar experience but do know some people playing so getting some time in with a more organized team. We’ll see how that translates to PVP though.

Match making is based on wins/loses among other things not command rank.