Ok, so best quotes so far…

I ran across one playing ISIC about that is the sound of someone dragging a metal @$$ across your unmarked gravy. I laughed so hard I almost blew an o-ring. List your best.

All of the prologue. All of it.


“You are so getting stabbed by telekinetic swords for that!”

  • Phoebe

The voice actress delivered this line perfectly. She starts out with “you” being said at a normal tone, but by the end of the line, she has gone buttshit crazy!

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“Break all bones! Make floppy bodies!”
“Nature is cruel! and bearded! AND ANGRY!”


try start a new account and enter.command center multiple times before lv3.
enjoy the chat


Definitely trying this when I get my copy of the game.

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Every ISIC quotes are epic, it’s the sole reason why I started maining him. That and he’s super strong :smiley:

No really, I killed everyone :slight_smile:

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Toby has one when you toss out a mine. Hey guys, I left a gift over here! It’s CAKE, DEFINITELY CAKE!

Makes me laugh so hard each time.


I can’t quote them word for word but I LOVE some of the Ambra quotes… especially the ones where she goes crazy!!!


Here are a few more of my favorites:
“last words not found, applying template: I DIED LIKE A BI*CH”,
“I’m not a gun, I’m lots of guns, duct-taped together with legs and a boundless capacity for hatred”
“At this time I will read a poem entitled, Your guts, Your guts everywhere”

Still laughing.


- Inappropriate gesture! :dukegoof:


(sing-song) “NOT SAFE FOR WORK!”


Personally, I love Ghalt’s quotes.

“♪Step into my offiiice!♪”


“♪Here comes the hook!♪”


( aww the big bad merge from our lovely moderators :stuck_out_tongue: )

With a big, emulated deep voice : RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY FROM THE LITTLE GIIIIIRL! giggles

It becomes old after a while but still… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m the guilty one. :frowning:


From ISIC: I’m going straight to hell and I’m taking all of you with me.

The amount of glee in his voice is amusing and terrifying.

Also, I had to put my controller down because I was laughing so hard after hearing Montana’s high-pitched scream when he went off the lift behind me.

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Some of my favs,

Alright, ANIME convention! Oh… Oh no it’s just Rath.

Toby: "It’s OK buddy, everybody dies sometimes.

where Ghalt chimes in saying he’ll take out ISIC with a Logical Paradox, doing the whole “This sentence is a lie” thing, whilst Kleese is telling him to stop, and that it won’t work. ISIC fires back with (Can’t remember it word for word) "Oh we’re playing Mind Games? OK! Ghalt! Did you know your Brain will forget your mother’s face before it forgets the LLC Advertising Jingles?! Isn’t that funny!"
And Ghalt just sits there going “Awwh man…” while Kleese says I told you so.

Boldur on The Experiment, it’s something like:

“Melka’s friends fight like many bears, combined into single bear!”

Where does this callout appear? Its ■■■■■■■ hillarious!!! :smiley:

I adore that one.

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